aised, giving him the appearance of a handsome young man from the world.

aised, giving him the appearance of a handsome young man from the world.
/Luo Dichen’s delicate pink and snow-white hands were slightly stagnant. She raised her eyebrows and looked at the corner of Zhou Jijun’s eyes. He hesitated slightly and pouted the small mouth that has only fascinated countless men. “Brother is really difficult to draw. He looks the same every time, and there are many changes. I really can’t figure out what kind of person he is.”
Holding up her pink cheeks, Luo Dichen bit her lower lip. After hesitating for a long time, she still touched the scar on the eyebrow of the person in the painting. The ink marks gradually healed. The hair was so heavy that Luo Dichen felt a pain in his heart for some reason and his eyes were slightly red.
“This bad guy actually spanked me during the day and ran away without a trace in the blink of an eye. He didn’t know if he came to see my mother and I. Could it be that we were all wrong? It’s not like he can’t, he can’t ”
Luo Dichen held up the scroll and looked at it carefully. The smile in his eyes swept away all traces of blood. The young man in the painting looked more and more like the man who was alternately gentle and elegant during the day, and then arrogant and domineering.
Luo Dichen was born and raised in a Baiyi nunnery. She was loved by the once-prominent women in the nunnery since she was a child. In addition, she was smart and studious. Not only did she learn the intrigues of women, but she was also proficient in music, chess, calligraphy, painting, music and dance. Otherwise, It’s hard to impress Zuo Yousheng, a young master who is above all others, just by his stunning beauty.
Just as Luo Dichen couldn’t put it down, she didn’t notice several figures passing by the window.
The quiet night is always so gloomy. At the darkest time of the day, many people will take off their bright appearance during the day and reveal their ugly faces.
The paper window was quietly broken, and a slender round bamboo stretched out. Weird white air gushes out from the round bamboo. The beautiful figure standing in front of the candle suddenly trembled, and then drifted like snowflakes. come down.
Zhou Jijun’s body trembled while he was sleeping, and he sat up suddenly. Through the eyes of the martial arts snake man, he saw five or six men in black carefully carrying Luo Dichen out of the White Clothes Nunnery and into a carriage.
Violent murderous intent exploded in his eyes, bombarding the small room unscrupulously. Zhou Jijun roared, “How dare you thieves, martial arts snakes will kill them one by one.”
Before he could finish his words, Zhou Jijun’s eyes flashed with a hint of gloom, he paused, and then He said, “You should follow the guardian first and see who the mastermind is. But if anyone along the way wants to do something wrong, he will be killed without mercy!”
Standing up, putting on his clothes, Zhou Jijun opened the door of the house, walked out of the wine shop in a moment, and came to Alley entrance. The direction of the carriage was

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