with that of ancient times, they never thought that it would reach this point.

with that of ancient times, they never thought that it would reach this point.
Not only does he control various ancient formations that are powerful enough to challenge the Yuanshi Saint, but he also has such a treasure in his hand.
Fortunately, this Jade Emperor still has a long-sleeved and good-dancing attitude in the face of many disciples of saints and great disciples, which has not changed since ancient times.
“Elder brother, I’m afraid it’s not our blessing that this Great Heavenly Lord is so well-hidden. If he is the first to realize Hunyuan, I’m afraid the pattern of the sky and void will be completely changed!”
Next to him, a pale-faced man The Taoist slightly stroked his goatee under his chin, looking a little worried.
Guangchengzi’s face remained unchanged. At this time, he glanced at the Antarctic Immortal Emperor not far away. The Antarctic Immortal Emperor noticed his eyes and shook his head slightly towards him.
The meaning is clear.
Guangchengzi immediately didn’t do anything.
Although Yuxu Taoist Palace is used for the secret treasure left by Saint Yuqing, that secret treasure cannot be used easily unless the situation has reached a state of complete control and the Taoism is about to be destroyed.
But the Jade Emperor Heavenly Lord has never entered the mountain gate of Kunlun Heaven in recent years. At most, he has only promoted some immortal gods who were born in the void of the heavens and have good luck, and they have become closer to the human race. Other than that, I haven’t done anything else, not to this point.
Therefore, the Tianzun realized at this time that there were almost no cards in his hand that could be played.
Unless the Antarctic Immortal Emperor and him, or other immortal gods in the Taoism, take this step in advance.
But I’m afraid it’s difficult.
In the distance, the immortal gods of Shangqing Taoist Palace and the Western Pure Land Buddha also have slightly strange expressions.
The immortals and Buddhas are also looking at the Chaos Watching Wanxiang chessboard, using this secret technique to understand the mystery of this Chaos heavy treasure.
In the chaotic world, I saw that the Jade Emperor was about to complete the goal of ‘slaying the saint’.
/The black and white chess pieces behind him were intertwined and formed above his head. Suddenly, as the Jade Emperor activated the chaotic chessboard, the boundless chaotic origin avenue vibrated with rules, and the vast ocean above his head instantly condensed into a brilliant divine light that stretched heavily. The energy of the origin of chaos instantly penetrated below, and all six arms were broken. The Ling Kong Mother Goddess, who could barely hold a spear, penetrated her true body.
/In the depths of the vast chaotic divine light, more than forty black and white chaotic chess pieces collided and exploded.
The true form of the Ling Kong Mother Goddess was instantly torn apart by the destructive rules of the avenue of the origin of chaos, and turned into numerous fragments. It can be seen wi

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