man being has never appeared.

man being has never appeared.
In the urban area of ??Farr City, the tragedy of the Drow Star is being replayed.
Overwhelming aliens occupy schools, streets, and houses.
It has to be admitted that the Far Star authorities have made sufficient preparations for war, but this preparation still cannot prevent the disaster caused by the aliens.
The army quickly reacted and engaged in a fierce defense battle. However, the number of troops was still insufficient to protect every citizen.
/One alien is enough to cause a street riot. And this kind of turmoil will spread like a virus, creating panic, causing panicked people to run around like headless flies. This kind of chaos hinders the pace of the army, but creates an excellent environment for the aliens to move.
The aliens move freely and hunt in the city, and the abundant food allows their numbers to explode, forming a virtuous cycle, while the human army is exhausted from running around.
The urban traffic signals in Farr City were paralyzed, and there was no air traffic control. The escaping mechas and hovercars were flying at high speeds in the air. From time to time, hovercars and mechas crashed into each other, causing earth-shattering chain explosions.
Some buildings were on fire, and raging fires were burning. The sky above Zhuoer City was filled with smoke, covering the sky and the sun, as if the end was coming.
Just when mankind fell into despair, a group of residents began to gather together consciously on the streets. Their number was increasing, they were organized, they were disciplined, and they had a very clear destination.
At the beginning of the alien disaster, information was already spreading wildly on the interstellar network.
At this time, the chat room established by the Drow immigrants was still in full swing.
After learning that the alien disaster broke out on the planet Fal, the chat room fell into a very brief silence. Someone typed a line of subtitles in the chat room: The underground modification market gathering on the planet Fal.
Everyone in the chat room knows that Xiaoqiang is at the underground modification market in Farr City at this time.
Everyone believes that Xiaoqiang can lead them out of trouble.
No one is more influential and appealing than Xiaoqiang.
The news spread crazily on the Internet, and everyone online or not received a message: Gather at the underground modification market in Farr City.
The person who received the news immediately packed up his belongings, drove a mecha or a hover car, and led his family to the underground modification market of Fal Star.
In this gathering, the refugees from Drow provided a public channel as a means of contact and sent out a special flashing light signal. Soon, a steady stream of Drow refugees began to gather into large groups in the urban area.
Of course, this gathering is not only the refugees of Drow, but also the citizens of Fal.
Human beings have a mentality of blindly following the crowd. When people see people gathering together, they will feel a

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