difficult to survive?”

difficult to survive?”
The two approaching thoughts slowly shook.
But with the explosion of the star, more ideas awakened from their slumber and enlightenment.
Some ideas have become old and old and no longer have any business.
Some are even majestic and their own stars are dazzling.
/More stars are like a calm sea, their surfaces emitting infinite light and heat, stable and peaceful.
In the middle of all the stars, a huge sun that was slightly silvery was also disturbed by the violent explosion and slowly woke up.
“Another seeker has perished.” This silver sun sent out a deep, majestic and terrifying thought. It is much stronger than ordinary seeker stars.
“A new catastrophe has arrived again,”
a nearby star that was about to lose its light and heat said slowly.
“The Master of the Ten Thousand Volumes Immortal Lord and Star Hall has perished.”
The surface of the silver sun is covered with light silver magma, and there are countless magma oceans with calm waves and no big fluctuations.
“Master of the Hall of Stars?”
Its ancient consciousness, like some rusty machinery, slowly started to operate. He soon remembered who the master of the Star Hall was.
“It’s the young boy from 1.2 million years ago.” He remembered the past memories.
“He did not die naturally, but was destroyed by external forces.” The aging star said in a low voice.
“Which seeker made the move?”
Wanjuan Xianzun asked.
“I’m not a seeker from the Central Star Region. I heard that he is a powerful Heavenly Lord who emerged from the Great Tribulation.”
“Oh Heavenly Lord, the Master of the Star Palace is the best at calculating the heavens. He once told me that his opportunity lies in the great tribulation.” Maybe he died because of this.”
Wanjuan Immortal said with emotion.
Another Taoist friend has died, and he has become accustomed to it for many years.
“However, the death of the Lord of the Stars Palace this time seems to be due to the unusual catastrophe.”
The old star said in a low voice.
“How is it unusual?”
“It is said that great saints with vitality are born. If it only stops there, it is nothing. But these great saints are driven by the great catastrophe, and they have qualitatively changed and climbed step by step, and they have advanced to a new level. It’s incredible, even to the level of a seeker,” the old star explained.
“Perhaps, there will be Dao Yuan embryos you need.”
“Is there Dao Yuan embryos that have been condensed enough from the origin of Dao Ancestor?”
Wanjuan Xianzun’s silver sun body is much larger than the average seeker, and there is a slight ripple on the surface.
“Is the Immortal Master moved?”
“Maybe,” Wanjuan Immortal Master said lightly, “I have seen too many recorded trajectories of the origin of Dao Ancestor. If the Dao Yuan embryo can really be condensed, it can still be seen.” ”
This time When the calamity comes, how should we deal with it?”
the old star continued to ask.
“The star field is not enough to resist?”
“Not enough.”
“Then let each of us l

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