ufu devouring her body.

ufu devouring her body.
Lin Xin narrowed his eyes and suppressed the idea of ????activating his magical power to devour and snatch the corpse. Now is not the time to alarm You Mansion.
Vaguely, he heard bursts of rapid and fierce shouts of killing coming from far behind him.
A sharp killing momentum condensed into a blade-like airflow and pounced towards him.
“Is this momentum also directed at me?”
/Lin Xin glanced at Cahill’s corpse and the red dragon, which were turning black. It seemed that he had vaguely guessed a possibility.
/“That’s the Black Light Army.”
A faintly familiar voice suddenly came from Lin Xin’s right side.
This voice was that of a middle-aged man. It was magnetic and seemed to have a sense of indifference, as if everything didn’t matter.
The moment Lin Xin heard the sound, his eyes suddenly shrank and he quickly looked to the right.
The familiar yet unfamiliar figure of Hong Ye suddenly entered his field of vision.
“Senior Hongye”
“I haven’t seen you for many years. It seems that you are doing well.”
Hongye looked at him and looked at him carefully, with a smile on his face.
He hasn’t been this normal in a long, long time.
I can now stay awake for six hours a day.
“Thanks to seniors, I’m living a good life.” Lin Xin tried his best to smile, but no matter what, he only showed a forced and stiff smile. Maybe it was not a smile at all, but just a smile.
“The Black Light Army is Quentin’s army among the ten expeditionary armies. It is quite powerful for the void. Can you handle it?” Hongye looked at Lin Xin with interest.
“Senior.” Lin Xin did not answer his question. “This junior wants to fulfill the agreement we made back then.”
“Do you really want to save me?”
Hongye’s face moved slightly.
Over the years, he couldn’t remember how many seeds he had sown, countless causes and effects, and countless hopes, but he was completely numbed by repeated failures.
Only in terms of rescuing people, after sending Lin Xin out, he successively found a way to send dozens of people out of You Mansion one by one, all of whom were not tied up deeply.
These people got the same promised cause and effect as Lin Xin did back then.
But after all these years, there is still no news. Many of them stopped shortly after they came out and learned about the horror of You Mansion, deliberately forgetting about this cause and effect.
As the other end of cause and effect, with Hongye’s ability, he can naturally feel the changes in cause and effect.
But it was because he could feel it that he understood and felt the sincerity and firmness in Lin Xin’s words at this time.
“This junior seems to be someone who likes to joke?” Lin Xin said lightly. “But before that, I need seniors to help me.”
“What do you want?” Hongye said bluntly, his expression gradually becoming serious from the previous casualness.
And there is another key reason why he is so polite to Mrs. Laura.
He could feel Lin Xin’s firm will. This will was so powerful and pure that even he was mo

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