s time, both the Buddha’s head and the black giant were growing in size crazily.

s time, both the Buddha’s head and the black giant were growing in size crazily.
At this point, they don’t care about anything else.
Completely let go and prepare for a formal test.
Countless golden peaks rise one after another.
On a piece of golden land, the figure of the Evil God King’s woman suddenly appeared.
/She was wearing a white dress that represented purity, but underneath her legs, there was nothing, just nothingness and transparency.
Among the countless names, the most appropriate one is actually the name of Space Eater.
Zhu Han, the Sky Eater, is undoubtedly the strongest among the Evil God Kings.
As the most special and powerful being among the Evil God Kings, women have had many, many names.
The Destroyer, the Son of Killing, the Goddess of Absurdity, or Ye Tian with Angry Eyes of Sand, the Sky Eater, etc.
“The origin of Tao Ancestor, the golden lotus, and the evil god”
But at this moment, she was looking at the scene in front of her with a shocked expression.
The earth was shaking, and the large golden peaks in front of us were constantly widening the distance between them.
The mountain peaks continue to rise, become thicker and wider.
Countless golden runes slowly appeared on the ground.
She slowly knelt down and touched the ground beneath her feet.
It feels smooth and gentle, with a special hard texture.
There are hundreds of billions of runes in an area the size of a palm. They form countless large formations with units of hundreds of millions according to the tiny cracks on the ground itself.
“It’s really spectacular.”
Zhu Han, the empty eater, did not hide the horror in his eyes.
She didn’t forget where she was standing.
“Here, it’s just a piece of scalp on the head of the Nine-Colored God.”
He just hid his aura for a little bit, and when he came out again, he was already at this place.
She has teleported here many times in succession, and time and space seem to be stagnant and distorted here.
She felt as if she had traveled hundreds of thousands of spiritual miles, but her eyes were still golden.
“This means that I am still on the head of the future Buddha, the Nine-Colored God Lord, and I have not even gone out of the range of his scalp.”
The shock in her heart was unparalleled when she truly came into close contact with such a great existence.
Boom! ! !
With the bang of the sword, a loud noise came from the sky.
Zhu Han raised his head and saw countless black meteors suddenly flying in the golden sky.
Black meteors form a huge meteor shower. At the front of each meteor are calm and indifferent faces.
The moment he saw those faces, Zhu Han was shocked.
Those are simply the faces of countless prisoners.
“Yes!” She suddenly woke up. “For the body of the future Buddha, Jiuse controls the most important head, while Fang Yu controls the body of the future Buddha. In other words, every meteor here is equivalent to a Fang Yu. Because he wants to snatch his head back, So the form he appears in is mainly head-centered. “I just don’t know h

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