easily as if it were a metal arrow.

easily as if it were a metal arrow.
With such a high poison resistance,
before Zhao Yunfeng could recover from the shock, he saw Lin Xin’s sword shaking, swinging him away, and then slashing his head.
“Shu Zi is looking for death!!”
Another disc formation flew with golden light and hit Lin Xin’s sword blade hard.
But what shocked Zhao Yunfeng was that the golden light only slowed down Lin Xin’s speed a little, and the sword light still fell intact.
The speed and power were so fast that he was caught off guard. He suddenly maintained a blocking posture and flew backwards for hundreds of meters, smashing through countless tents along the way.
Lin Xin’s entire body soul turned into pitch-black armor, which quickly adhered to his body.
In the blink of an eye, he transformed into a tall monster wearing heavy armor and a horned helmet.
Black demonic energy crazily spread out from the gaps in his armor and spread around.
He just raised his foot to catch up with Zhao Yunfeng.
puff! !
The golden red beam suddenly penetrated Lin Xin’s chest, penetrated the camp, and disappeared in the distance.
Lin Xin turned his head slightly without looking at the empty space in his chest.
boom! !
He hit the man behind him hard with his sword.
The terrifying power coupled with the unavoidable high speed hit the opponent in an instant.
Suzakuzi’s dark red soul domain is like a robe that clings to his body. He uses the unique rules and abilities of his soul domain to weaken the power of the sword that hits him by 90%, but the remaining 10% of the power is not something he can bear. .
There were several crisp clicks, and Suzakuzi suffered multiple fractures all over his body, but his sneak attack hit him, which made him feel a little relaxed. He took out a magic talisman to heal the injury.
He raised his eyes and looked in the direction of Lin Xin, and his heart that had just been relieved suddenly rose again.
Unexpectedly, the wound on the chest of the dark armored man had healed until there was only a small slit left, and it was about to be completely sealed.
“I’m coming!”
Xiao Yiran, the locust needle, turned into a white stream of light and rushed towards Lin Xin.
The other three streams of light also rose from the camp. The golden jade ruler and the locust needle were sacrificed at the same time, and the soul domain of the sixth-grade divine weapon suddenly unfolded.
But unfortunately, soul realms cannot be superimposed.
Together with the various soul realms released by the five great Yuanjing, all the power piled on Lin Xin is only twice the amount of ordinary soul realms.
/Under such terrifying rules, Lin Xin only slowed down his movements and was still able to move!
“Jin Yu Wushuang!”
The golden jade ruler in Zhao Yunfeng’s hand shook, and five golden lights flew out, falling on the five people.
This golden light can speed up everyone’s body resistance and recovery, five times that of the normal state.
Zhuquezi was also heartbroken, spitting out a mouthful of bl

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