hands. Mention At this point,” I paused, looked back at Black Skull and said, “Your favor is still clean, right? Next time you see it, will you let it go?”

hands. Mention At this point,” I paused, looked back at Black Skull and said, “Your favor is still clean, right? Next time you see it, will you let it go?”
Black Skull glanced at me and said: “I have my own principles, but I won’t let it happen next time.”
This was the only good news at the moment. I stood up and walked to the other side of the fire. The witch held the child and whispered to me for a long time. The black skeleton next to me laughed after hearing this, and I looked over in confusion.
“It said that the child has a human body, so it is very hungry. The female ghost cannot breastfeed, so it needs to find some breast milk for it in the human world, otherwise the child will starve to death!” When
/the black skull said this, my whole face I’m so stiff, I still have to find a wet nurse for this baby!
Supplies are the first priority at the moment. Without water and food, the few of us will not survive no matter how well we hide. But it is not difficult to just get some food. What is difficult is to get milk for this baby. This is the underworld. Where can I find a wet nurse for it?
Luo Qiong and I came out of the cave one after another. We stood on the hillside and looked out. We could see a lot of gray shadows around the foot of the mountain, but we hadn’t found this hiding spot yet. But this is just a matter of time, we have to get food as soon as possible.
I asked the ghost woman and Yirong female ghost, but they didn’t know either. Apparently the distribution of ghost markets in the underworld is divided by region. We are seven or eight days away from the previous ghost market, so it is understandable for ordinary ghosts not to know.
“Brother Shan, what’s going on? We don’t know where the ghost market is.”
Luo Qiong whispered.
“Just because we don’t know doesn’t mean that no one knows. If the ghosts don’t know, the ghosts should know. Well, let’s tie up the ghosts and ask.”
Now that I am a lot bolder, I patted Luo Qiong on the shoulder and said.
“Haha, okay, let’s ask him. But we can’t understand what the ghost is saying.”
Luo Qiong muttered.
“Don’t be afraid, I have an idea. Come on, let’s go down to the spot first and see if there are any ghosts who are alone.”
/If you come to the underworld looking for ghosts in normal times, the easiest place to bump into them is in the ghost market. The ghost market is the main source of the economy in the underworld, and it will naturally be guarded by ghosts. Because of this, ordinary ghosts do not know where the ghost market is, but ghosts definitely know.
Walking down the mountain, slowly approaching the foot of the mountain, I looked up and saw that the ghosts’ positions were not scattered, and the distribution pattern of the forces could be seen from their positions.
“Did you see it? The evil ghosts are standing separately on the front, back, left and right. They should be the forces of different ghost kings. I think these ghost kings cannot be called by Yizha. Most of them want to gain Mo Yang’s face, so they come to help arrest

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