k together, she always referred to having a good time as taking a bath, and every time she wanted to have good time, she Just say go take a shower.

k together, she always referred to having a good time as taking a bath, and every time she wanted to have good time, she Just say go take a shower.
“You go and rest first. I’ll be back in a moment.”
Lin Xin touched her cheek gently.
He felt like he was smiling, but it was stiff.
Lin Yaoyang clearly saw it and looked a little sad.
“Okay, I’m going to rest first, you.”
She looked at Lin Xin worriedly.
/“Don’t worry.”
Lin Xin nodded slightly.
After urging several times, Lin Yaoyang slowly left the top of the mountain.
Lin Xin was left standing alone on the top of the mountain.
Staring at the snow-white scenery in the distance, he suddenly let out a long sigh.
“It seems that we can only go to the sword hall to see if we can solve the hidden dangers of Taishang Yueyue Kamikaze Sword.”
“It seems that you need help.”
Suddenly a secret voice came from behind him.
Lin Xin didn’t even need to turn around, but he could already mentally see the strange sewing baby that suddenly appeared behind him. It was the standard image of Xia.
“You still dare to appear in front of me?”
Lin Xin said calmly.
The Evil God King is only a Heavenly Lord, at most a stronger Heavenly Lord. He even killed Fang Yu’s clone, so why is he still afraid of West Asia?
“Hehehe, I’m just here to make a deal with you.”
Xia was still the same as before, looking mysterious and cunning, looking at Lin Xin’s back with a smile.
“We are old friends after all. I have helped you a lot. Don’t you know how to be grateful?”
Lin Xin sneered.
If it weren’t for his great ability, he would have been tricked to death when Song Danhao took Lin Yaoyang to the Snowman King City.
“Okay, let’s not mention these old things. I haven’t congratulated you for achieving the position of overlord in one fell swoop. Now I’m afraid even the Heavenly Lord of the Universe will have a headache seeing you.”
Xia said with a smile.
“I have something here. If you can help me, I can help you solve the biggest trouble you are facing now.”
“What are you planning?” Lin Xin asked with a frown. The Evil God King is a very troublesome group. Even if he is now extremely powerful, he is not willing to easily provoke this group of immortal old guys.
“What you don’t understand is that this catastrophe is different from the past.” Xia’s face slowly calmed down and she stopped laughing. “This catastrophe, if we are not careful, even we will be in extreme danger and may be completely destroyed.”
“So what? Why should I help you?”
Lin Xin ignored him.
“Don’t you want to cancel the causal relationship with Hongye?” Xia suddenly said quickly.
“Do you know Red Leaves!?”
Suddenly, Lin Xin teleported and appeared in front of Xia. He was moving at the speed of light. When Xia found out, Lin Xin had grabbed his clothes and lifted him up with one arm.
“You will understand when you go to the sword hall. Hongye and Huang Yan were the first sword masters of the sword hall.” Xia seemed to know many secrets, but still had an unpleasant smil

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