, everyone suddenly realized that the priority of selecting magic materials was not unfair.

, everyone suddenly realized that the priority of selecting magic materials was not unfair.
The young archmage really saved the joint exploration team several times, from the initial beast tide to the final siege by Thunderbirds. Without the help of this young archmage, the joint exploration team would have been wiped out long ago. .
At this time, everyone’s mentality gradually changed, from swallowing their anger at the beginning to being sincerely convinced later. Otherwise, in the treasure house just now, Fran wanted to use his strength at the level of a titled magician to forcefully seize the priority of magic materials. How come there are so many people on Lin Yun’s side when it comes to choosing the right?
It is precisely because of this that the two team cancers, William Merlin and Off-duty, have been tolerated again and again. Otherwise, they should have been kicked out of the joint exploration team long ago.
However, this time, no one expected that
the first person to stand up at this time would be William Merlin.
For a moment, almost everyone’s eyes fell on William Mellin’s face, and they all wanted to see if this was really the team cancer that had been cheating and cheating all the way?
This is unscientific.
Merlin has already made it very clear. This trip across the entire plane can basically be described as a narrow escape. Even a titled magician who enters may die instantly. He even suggested that except Unless the orcs are off duty, it is best for others not to go in.
Ordinarily speaking, with William Merlin’s always fond of cheating and sneaking around, he should be eager to do this.
Was he taking the wrong medicine?
/Did you hear clearly what your cousin was saying?
“Cousin, I’ll go in with you.” However, this time, William Merlin’s performance was beyond everyone’s expectations when he stood out from the crowd. , his eyes looked extremely firm.
“You’d better think about it. This time is really dangerous. I really can’t guarantee your safety.”
“I’ve thought about it very clearly.” Lin Yun’s persuasion did not shake William Merlin’s determination at all. This man always liked to steal. The cunning young archmage was determined to follow Lin Yun across the plane of apocalypse this time.
At this time, even Lin Yun couldn’t help being a little surprised.
/He stared at William Mellin for a long time, then shook his head helplessly: “Okay, then you should be careful.”
“I will.” William Mellin’s expression showed that Extraordinarily calm.
Among the entire joint exploration team, probably only William Merlin himself knew why he wanted to take the risk this time
. In fact, if it had been a few minutes ago, William Merlin really would not have made such a choice.
The risks in this mysterious plane are too great. People may die anytime and anywhere. William Merlin can’t even hide from this kind of thing, so why would he stupidly get involved in it?
But now, something is different. Because
, William Merlin had already figured out that the luckiest thing in his life mig

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