uestioning from the energy department boss and let Xiao Yu explain to his cell phone “Grandpa, Grandpa”.

uestioning from the energy department boss and let Xiao Yu explain to his cell phone “Grandpa, Grandpa”.
He understood that Xiao Yu was able to stop them because of his own sake. If it were anyone else, no one would be able to stop them.
“Why on earth are you going to the island country?”
“Sell Tesla again!”
This was Qin Han’s answer, “Just like Coca-Cola, it has been listed twice in the island country not only in the United States.”
Director Zhao did not understand.
Qin Han continued to explain: “Zhao Song said before leaving that in order to make way for Huahong, civil servants in Zhangjiang have not had air conditioning in midsummer for two consecutive years.”
Director Zhao stared at Qin Han in disbelief upon hearing this. Looking at her shrugging her shoulders, she said, ”
No way, the country is too weak. Besides Tesla, what else can we do?”
Those people always say that Zhao Song is lying on Tesla’s body to suck blood, but it’s not just Zhao Song who sucks blood? ”
“You mean electricity? ”
Yes, due to Zhao Song’s accident, one of the purposes of Ms. Wei Mingyu’s trip to the island country is to act as the sole agent for the procurement of ultra-supercritical thermal power generating units. If conditions permit and things go smoothly, we will try to introduce a full set of technologies!” ”
/Those people are in big trouble!
The same is true for the old man.
Zhao Song’s evasive behavior of sending himself in regardless of the overall situation may cause dissatisfaction among some people, but for the top management, with the numerous connections between all parties behind Zhao Song, Choosing confrontation will shake up the overall situation!
Director Zhao smiled bitterly and thought: “He has a national mission, but you imprisoned him.”
Xiaoyu is a backup plan, and the reason why he is in a fleeing posture is to make some people look bad. ” The
Although he knew that Zhao Song was not that kind of person, he was indeed doing high-level things,
/so there was not much time for Xiao Yu
to drive quickly between the high-rise buildings . In the quiet car, Song Guanyi drove seriously, occasionally glancing at the rearview mirror and looking at Xiao Yu who was in a daze.
“If it weren’t for the sake of giving face to Zhao, flying would be so fast and safe. Song
Guanyi had nothing to say.
Qin Han smiled when she heard this. She also looked back at Xiao Yu and said with a smile: “It’s not our boss’s bad taste. When you talk about a princess, you have to be like a princess. Gulfstream is not of high quality, so we can only I messed with myself.
Looking at the dock getting closer and closer in front of him, Song Guanyi asked curiously: “What kind of ship is waiting for us on the high seas? ” ”
Princess!” “Qin Han replied with a longing look on his face, “Two Princesses built by Princess Shipyard, the world’s three largest private yachts.
“Two ships! ” ? ”
“yes! Qin Han replied matter-of-factly, “Just like Tesla’s two Concordes, one is in the Pacific and the other is in

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