law had an operation yesterday because I lost everything. Everyone in Channel 11 knew about

law had an operation yesterday because I lost everything. Everyone in Channel 11 knew about
it.” Zhao Song rubbed his head and asked, “Have they all been sold?”
No one answered.
After a long silence, Zhao Song gritted his teeth and squeezed out two words: “Seal the cabinet!”
Zhang Huayu asked: “Boss, which one to seal?”
“All of them!”
“Zhao Er, think about it again, think about it again, now Tesla every day The sales in the three major shopping malls are over 8 million!” Director Qin squeezed out the crowd with sweat on his face and shouted to Zhao Song.
/“Wow~” A dozen customers in aisle 11 looked at Zhao Song in surprise.
“Uncle!” Zhao Songhong pointed at the big T on the red glass wall panel and said, “Tesla is a brand. It has been eight days now. If we don’t solve it today, we won’t even have 800 yuan tomorrow!”
” Close the cabinet! ”
In the only large conference room of Zhonghai, Aunt Wen Zhenwen, Chaozi, Xizi, Liao Yingzhu and the financial staff sent by Zhonghai were nervously counting the shopping contracts. This is the characteristic of Tesla. , all accessories can be found at the source.
All Tesla employees stood in the open space, and Ding Tao stood at the front with his head lowered.
Wen Jing also came, standing in the corner with Dong Lingyun, Zhu Ye, and Director Qin, looking worriedly at Zhao Song who was walking back and forth.
“What should I say? Curse people? Or teach them a lesson? Make Ding Tao cry in pain and wake up?” Zhao Song walked back and forth, thinking wildly in his mind. Zhao Song has always avoided meetings because he didn’t know what to say.
“I’ve always been the one being trained, and I’ve never been convinced! I’m not Dad Ma, I’m not one of those strong men. Can I teach Ding Tao a lesson?” Zhao Song doesn’t care about others, he only cares about Ding Tao, a man with pure eyes. , the man who truly calls his boss.
Zhao Song stopped and stood in front of everyone.
“Has anyone ever dismantled a Lenovo case?”
A hand raised, it was Zhang Huayu’s guy named Hu Junwang.
“I have dismantled the cheapest green motherboard, and the memory is also an OEM product. All configurations can be simplified. The second-hand market does not accept its host.”
Zhao Song nodded and asked: “Why does Lenovo rarely have quality problems? ?”
Zhao Song frowned and shouted, “They have a group of people doing quality control!
Do we have it?”

I tell you, we do it too, and it’s better than Lenovo’s. Whether it’s a new phone or a second-hand phone, the cheapest one for a complete set is 5800, why?”
Zhao Song looked around everyone, “Because we use international brands from first-tier manufacturers, their products undergo much stronger quality inspections than Lenovo when they leave the factory!
And we only need to grasp the last level and copy machine to test compatibility.
At Wuming Chassis Factory, there are more than a dozen fat men weighing more than 300 pounds helping us test the chassis. Is it
/ridiculous? Because I can’t afford those expensive testing i

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