heerfully gave everyone a Yuantong ice cream.

“My little brother is so awesome. He sold out my sister’s meal in just two days.” Sister Dada teased.
“Haha,” Zhao Song just smiled awkwardly.
/“We agreed, we will lose money on this order, and you won’t get any commission. You will place three orders today, one for 7,000, one for 10,000, and one for 18,000, a total of 700. Take it and pack it up and get off work.” The eldest sister looked a little helpless. Wave.
Zhao Song hurriedly turned around and cleaned up the counter with Zhao Jiaban, and also cleaned the negotiation area. Sister Dada took a look and said nothing.
Before leaving, he asked Zhao Xin to help introduce the second-hand BB machine counter, and spent a full 300 yuan to buy a Motorola digital BB machine that was available online.
The autumn evening in Beijing is very beautiful when there is no wind. The sun sets in the west and the sky is filled with red clouds.
Zhao Song, who had specially changed his school uniform, tried his best to make himself as inconspicuous as possible. He walked unhurriedly to the leaflet column at the door of the girls’ dormitory and posted three leaflets he had prepared in advance.
“If you’re looking for a handsome guy, don’t come here. If you’re looking for a wallet, don’t come here. I’m your alumnus, and I sell computers part-time during my freshman year. If you need it, you can go to the market and ask for the price. If you don’t have time, , you can buy the Computer Purchasing Weekly at the school gate. If you still don’t have time, come to me directly. The price is reasonable and the price is reasonable. The hardware comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you have any system problems, call me free of charge. , If you are the one, BB number XXXXXXXXX-XXXX Zhao Song, Level 99 Business Administration Branch! {Attached is the machine configuration sheet}”
Zhao Song nodded with satisfaction, yes, we have to keep a backup and ask Uncle Ge for copyright fees in two years. While he was intoxicated with himself, there was a puff from behind. When he turned around, his eyes lit up: “Beauty Li, can you get some water?” He said, taking the two kettles from Li Wei’s hands, “Don’t refuse my courtesy. I’m still waiting for you to introduce your business to me.”
Li Wei did not refuse his kindness: “Fetching water is just incidental. We agreed to introduce someone to clear the meal!”
Zhao Song was overjoyed: “Really?”
/“Beili, the manager, even if we haven’t had a big class together, you probably know that. You hear boys talking about her every day. By the way, don’t you boys choose school beauties?”
“Girl, please be a good boy. There is no such thing as a school belle. The plot of the novel is all lies. Besides, any school belle is just a cloud in front of the beauty of our beautiful lady Li!” Zhao Song flattered her.
“Haha…” Li Wei pointed behind Zhao Song and couldn’t help laughing.
Bai Li, who had read the flyer on the bulletin board, was standing behind him. Zhao Song awkwardly introduced himself: “Hell

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