solve this trick.

solve this trick.
But now it’s different.
The remaining original world has become his greatest means of interfering with reality.
/“The original realm is peeled off.”
In an instant, all the images around Lin Xin and Bai Zhuo were shattered.
The space is like a broken mirror, shattering into countless pieces in the blink of an eye and collapsing.
All the dust that stabbed Lin Xin also fell into a strange space in the blink of an eye.
Bai Zhuo’s eyes flashed, and his body sank. When he reacted, he was already standing in a sea of ??bloody flowers.
Surrounded by an endless sea of ??red flowers.
The bloody sea of ??flowers stretches to the intersection of heaven and earth as far as the eye can see.
The sky was a thick layer of gray clouds.
“This is it.”
Bai Zhuo’s pupils narrowed.
How many years has it been? How many years has it been since he entered the fantasy world again?
Ever since he entered the martial arts school and developed new techniques to fight against hallucinations, he has never been so completely immersed in hallucinations since then.
“Do you think this is an illusion?” Lin Xin emerged from the sea of ??flowers in the distance.
“Isn’t it?”
Bai Zhuo was not panicked. As a master, he had already experienced countless battles in the illusion, but he was just surprised that Lin Xin could pull him into the illusion now.
After all, he is now a master-level, star-destroying level of strength.
Once started, the terrifying power is enough to tear any illusion into pieces and destroy it.
Lin Xin slowly pulled out his sword. This was the original world, an illusory space that he controlled.
It both exists and does not exist.
Everything here is completely controlled by Lin Xin.
The original world is like a parasitic seed in the world and universe.
It grows by absorbing the knowledge of life.
As long as someone thinks it exists, understands and knows it exists, it will be nourished.
This is a special individual created by Lin Xin using some of the ultimate essence he realized.
Even he only created this weird space accidentally.
“This is the original world.”
Lin Xin walked towards Bai Zhuo step by step.
The surrounding sea of ??flowers automatically separates on both sides as if alive.
Here, Lin Xin can control everything, all elements, all substances, all energy, and even all rules.
Bai Zhuo suddenly took action.
A large amount of yellow sand and dust flew out from behind, covering the surrounding area in all directions.
Wherever the dust touched, all the flowers instantly withered, dried up, and had all moisture extracted. It turns into black petals and floats down.
“It’s useless.” Lin Xin raised his sword and pointed the tip at Bai Zhuo.
“The Ninth Sense of Phaseless Reincarnation·The Void World”
called out.
A piece of gray mist also flew out along with the tip of the sword, and quickly spread towards the surroundings.
Yellow and gray instantly merged together, but to Bai Zhuo’s surprise, the two had no intersecting influence at

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