art. No matter how strong the opponent was before, the regular rune shield had never been torn apart like this before.

art. No matter how strong the opponent was before, the regular rune shield had never been torn apart like this before.
The feeling of almost dying enveloped his heart, but Lin Yun felt that he felt something he had never felt before, and finally knew where the key point was for him to break through to the heaven level.
I always thought it was because of my fighting spirit that I had never fought heartily. All battles were in my hands. I had too much control over the rhythm, victory or defeat, and even the process.
/But breaking through to the heaven level is something that no one can control, and no one can put the process of completing his extraordinary transformation on others.
Except for the kind of mage who takes the golden transformation potion, the process and key points of each mage’s extraordinary transformation are different. This is discovered by oneself.
But now, Lin Yun finally discovered what he needed to break through to the heaven level.
Starting from the mage, every step is the most perfect, with the strongest magical runes, the strongest core meditation rules, and even the skull of the Lord of Wisdom, Constanzo, which is known as the source of all wisdom.
Therefore, the path of the mage has been perfected, and the foundation laid is as strong as a barrier in the world. The door in the depths of my mind is the restraint I have given to myself.
A foundation that is too strong will lead to more difficult breakthroughs, and it will become even more difficult to complete extraordinary transformation.
Now Lin Yun finally understood how to break the ancient gate that he couldn’t break.
It does not rely on control, but on the most fundamental instinct, the instinct to become a more powerful creature, or in other words, the instinct to survive!
This is his most powerful thing, something that is completely uncontrollable, and this is also the key to his extraordinary transformation. The more intense the battle, the more powerful the opponent, the more he can shake the door, Just because I want to live, I don’t want to die, I really don’t want to die again.
/This power is the source of all potential and all power.
Lin Yun was floating in the air, his eyes bright, and he slowly raised the dragon staff.
The phantom of an ancient scale appeared at his feet. Andefa solemnly controlled the Wheel of Ten Thousand Dharma to float on the tray on the right side of the scale. Theodus controlled the Book of Ten Thousand Curses to fall on the tray on the left side of the scale. .
The purple dragon incarnates and roars to the sky. The power of the elements floats on the phantom of the roulette wheel held in his arms. Countless regular runes autonomously gather around Lin Yun, forming a regular rune shield.
On the ground, the steel-body alchemy puppet held up the tower shield, and the critical-hit alchemy puppets were piled behind the steel-body alchemy puppet. The two spell-casting alchemy puppets raised their arms, and their right arms frequently shot scorching rays and ice rays.
On the grou

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