thought there was something in its words, and asked strangely: “What do you mean?”

thought there was something in its words, and asked strangely: “What do you mean?”
Before Zhuyou could answer, Deputy Director Xia’s men over there had already started killing. The combat effectiveness after leaving the sea water was not strong, and Deputy Director Xia’s men and horses were well-equipped. Not long after the battle broke out, the situation became one-sided. A large number of Bayou who jumped on the ship were killed, and their blood fell on them. The hull was everywhere, and more corpses were thrown into the sea. The originally dark water turned dark red at this moment, like a terrifying mire of blood.
“Killing these watchdogs is like slapping the master in the face. A lot of trouble will follow, understand?”
/But the massacre can no longer be stopped, and if we don’t do it now, it is possible that these dogs will be eaten. ? The battle lasted for about thirty minutes, and except for about fifty or sixty Bayu bones that escaped, all the remaining Bayu bones were killed. The fresh flesh and blood was sent to the icehouse to be refrigerated, while the pulpy flesh and blood was thrown directly into the ocean.
The freighter continued to move toward the black mountain, and the seawater rippling with blood and corpses spread to both sides. Deputy Director Xia was very satisfied with the combat effectiveness of his men and shouted smugly: “What ancient monster clan? It’s not worth mentioning. I’ll eat these bayou bones tonight and make them meaty for everyone!”
Li Yulang came over and said, I asked in a low voice: “Is it really okay? I have killed hundreds of Bayou bones at least.”
I whispered: “Act according to the situation, don’t sleep too hard tonight, I feel that this encounter will definitely cause trouble. Taking care of our own lives is the first priority. ”
To be honest, I am looking forward to having a dinner of bay bone at night. Although I have been doing this for so many years, I have never really eaten a cooked monster. Meat. There have been times in the past when I really had nothing to eat in the jungle, so I could only fill my stomach by roasting it over the fire after killing the monsters, but the taste was really unflattering.
“Well, I have to say, the taste of the bay bone is quite good.” I chewed the piece of meat in front of me. The taste of the bay bone meat is somewhat similar to that of yellow croaker. It’s more delicious and tender. I can’t imagine why their meat is so delicious with such a strong body. It wants to bite someone with its teeth and claws, but it is a delicacy in itself.
“I think if this thing can be artificially propagated on a large scale, it may be a good dish on the people’s table.” Former Riyuro said with a smile.
The two of us were eating when suddenly someone in the middle of the cafeteria raised a cup and shouted: “I suggest everyone have a drink. For today’s victory against those monsters, this is our first victory since we went to sea. It’s worth drinking.” A glass!”
The person who proposed the toast was a close associate of Deputy Direct

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