hen we would have become the pioneers in guarding civilization and democracy on the entire earth…” There was only

hen we would have become the pioneers in guarding civilization and democracy on the entire earth…” There was only
a weak man standing aside, unkempt, The red-haired girl with a haggard face seemed to have spiritual feelings. She suddenly looked towards the tent door. When her eyes met Zhang Lisheng, who breathed a sigh of relief, her face showed a complex expression of ecstasy, shyness, pain and other different emotions. Zhang Zhang But her mouth was choked with sobs and she couldn’t make a sound.
“Tracy, Tracy, Tracy… no wonder you didn’t let me come to see you. Look what the most beautiful and proud Catholic princess in New York has become now. This is different from what she was before. You are nothing like that. “Looking at the familiar face of the red-haired girl, the young man shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, deliberately saying in a joking tone.
“That’s because the most beautiful and proud Catholic princess in the past has disappeared. She has now become a hateful alien. Even the entire family is cursed.
If I had the chance to choose again, I would rather die than use the light stone to ‘activate’ the Atlantis bloodline…” Tears slipped silently from Tracy’s white cheeks, and the girl replied in a low voice: “With two close friends, Ti Na and Shelia come from different wealthy and prominent families in the business world. Tracey was born in a serious Catholic military family in California.
Later, the girl’s grandfather, father, and uncle became professional soldiers one by one, and all achieved great achievements and served as mid-level and senior officers. This laid the foundation of a military family.
And her ambitious father, Howeg. Steger served in the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest decision-making body of the U.S. military, for twelve years. He served as a permanent intern, a permanent third secretary… and then a permanent secretary. After receiving the rank of lieutenant colonel and the ‘Loyalty Medal’, he chose to retire and rely on With the accumulated contacts, he established a public relations company and began his political lobbying career.
After more than ten years of hard work, the family was finally miraculously placed among the ‘famous families’.
It can be said that the cornerstone of the success of the Tracy family members lies in their naturally trustworthy background and connections. When their family activated their Atlantis bloodline and became almost identical to aliens from appearance to abilities, unexpectedly, The “winter riots” that happened caused the family’s most important “wealth” to be destroyed in one fell swoop.
Howeg’s influence in the military and political circles collapsed in a very short period of time due to the generals and politicians’ hostility and distrust of ‘Atlantis’; Tracy’s nascent political career was also rallied by voters. Slogans like ‘Traitor among the Earthlings’ were completely destroyed.
/Suddenly, the girl who was “the proud daughter of heaven” fell into the quagmire. The girl who had never suffered su

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