rable effect on boosting the morale of the Wu-Li Expeditionary Force.

rable effect on boosting the morale of the Wu-Li Expeditionary Force.
However, whether it is from a tactical or strategic perspective, the fleet’s blatantly strong attitude is not a problem that Bansaru should take care of. Under the order of the tribal master, the only thing he can do is to roar at the top of his lungs: “As ordered. , the great conqueror.
Send the order, the conqueror ordered to circle the island to find a good landing port. If there is no harvest, the warrior leader will cast a spell and force the entire army to land. The action will be based on the flagship.”
After hearing the captain’s instructions, an indigenous leader with feathers on his head He strode to the side of the ship and stretched out his hands, driving a wave of waves to rise suddenly and freeze in front of him like an ice sculpture.
/“I hereby pass down the order of the conqueror. All warships of Wu Li will circle the island…based on the movement of the flagship, and force a landing.” After speaking Zhang Lisheng’s order to the waves, the native leader dispersed the waves and made them fall into the sea. After smashing into pieces, the sound of surging waves on the sea suddenly turned into a murmur of words. Listen carefully to the arrogant orders of the conqueror of Wu Li.
Chapter 445: ‘Destroying the dead’
Even if the hundreds of steam iron ships of the Wu-Li Expeditionary Force were divided into three rows, after the ships were separated from each other at a safe distance, the length of the entire fleet still spread out to 20 or 30 kilometers, like a line on the sea. The giant steel monster whose head and tail cannot see each other normally sails offshore of the moon-shaped island, causing panic and commotion among the infernal tribes along the coast.
/When the small wooden boats of several tribesmen who made a living by fishing and hunting were slowly returning home with their catch, they were crushed to pieces by the iron boats when they encountered the Wu Li fleet. Their naked and arrogant hostility caused even more casualties. The fellows of the hunter were fearful and hateful on the shore, and gathered in a group on guard.
“It seems that a small tribe of only 20 to 30 thousand people actually knows how to build boats and fish. The Hellmen on the outer islands are indeed more advanced in civilization than the natives on Wuli Island. Fortunately, Wuli has an Aru Ba, we have already overtaken them…” Zhang Lisheng stood by the side of the ship and murmured to himself as he looked at the grinning natives.
The body of the foreign native fisherman who was crushed to death by the iron ship was stirred by the giant steam ship at his feet and turned into blood red. At this moment, the young captain driving Wu Li’s flagship pointed to the shore and shouted loudly: “The great conqueror , this coast is already considered a rare good harbor, it can berth at least thirty steam warships, and the fleet can dock one by one…” ”
Bansalu, are you sure that the iron ships will not run aground when they dock here?” Zhang Li

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