the way was still the same. The changes that had occurred in the Snow Mountain Ranch over the years were very small.

the way was still the same. The changes that had occurred in the Snow Mountain Ranch over the years were very small.
The lavender beside the path has just opened, with a light purple color.
As far as the eye can see, a large area is full of Holstein cows. They have just been milked in the morning and are now busy replenishing their empty stomachs.
The sky is very blue with floating white clouds.
In the distance, only the tops of the snow-capped mountains in Flathead National Forest Park are still white. If you don’t look carefully, you might even think they are clouds.
The ski resort was closed again, but the number of tourists did not decrease much. There were more than a dozen hot air balloons floating in the sky and paragliders flying around, proving how popular this place is.
It should have been a vast expanse of green, but yesterday’s tornado passed by and uprooted a lot of tender grass. It was like a long line painted with a black pen in a beautiful oil painting. It always felt uncoordinated.
The number of grass mud horses increased several times. These unscrupulous guys bullied the strong Limousin cattle and became even more unscrupulous. After eating grass and having nothing to do, they came to provoke the resting cattle herd.
Limousin cows have become accustomed to ignoring these annoying guys.
An Australian mini donkey stood out among the alpacas. It suddenly raised its long donkey ears and galloped towards home, looking extremely happy.
Han Xuan opened the car window and took a few deep breaths. A mix of earthy, grassy and floral notes.
Luota Lake is still so peaceful.
The willows and birches along the river are mixed together. Near the shore, a large field of lotus grows in the shallow water, with almost no end in sight.
Snow-white ducks quacked among the lotus flowers and leaves.
Arriving in front of the villa, the bodyguards who were driving immediately became more vigilant and stared at the road.
Sure enough, a big snapping turtle was lying in the middle of the road just like before.
There used to be only one, but now Squirtle has a like-minded companion. It is the female spotted turtle that was released a few years ago.
I thought that this extremely rare giant turtle would be unaccustomed to the cold weather in Montana. Unexpectedly, it adapted very well to the snow mountain pasture. When the winter is too cold, it will run to the house by itself. It is not stupid at all. .
Han Xuan was preparing to help her find a male spotted turtle for breeding. Although Squirtle, a shameless old man, had defiled it countless times, it was impossible for two different species to produce offspring.
/He got out of the car and came to Squirtle’s side, squatted down and touched the big snapping turtle’s head.
The ferocious snapping turtle was particularly obedient in his hands. A tourist had tried to do this before and was almost bitten on the arm by it.
/Squirtle was obviously happy to see Han Xuan, rubbing his head on his hand.
It was accidentally hit by a car last time and

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