wise, where do you want to go?”

wise, where do you want to go?”
“Let’s go to the orchard and have a look.” ”
Okay, I went there once when it was first planted. I don’t know what it’s like. Mr. Miller probably hasn’t gotten off work yet.”
Holstein Cows are scattered in groups on the grass. The pasture has been cut and some grass piles are left. Some cows ran to the hills to graze, wagging their tails and strolling.
Pointing to a group of black Tajima cattle, Han’s father said: “There are enough breeding cattle in the pasture now. More than 400 cattle can be bought this year. They are all about one year old and are being fattened in the pasture.” “After
several years of raising them, I finally got them .” It can be sold. Who will buy it? Give it to my grandfather’s company to sell?”
“I won’t give it to him this time. The price can’t be sold in the market. I have people contact some high-end restaurants. More than 50 pigs have been sold. People order. But they only know Kobe beef from Japan and don’t quite believe me. There is so much left. If you can’t sell it, be a breeding cow first. When they use it up, they will know what happens to our meat. Five-A grade six One hundred dollars per pound, 4A grade 350 dollars per pound. Is the price too high? A cow costs 120,000 dollars. To be able to sell so much is beyond my expectation.” ”
Five-A grade steak, high-end The restaurant sells it for more than two hundred dollars, and a serving is less than 50 grams! Just one pound of meat can be sold for four thousand dollars. Our raising costs are high, but the price you offer is still low, so people don’t believe it!”
The wind came in, With a whistling sound in his ears, Han Xuan said loudly, passing by the residential area, pushing the stall faster, “If you sell 5A grade meat, you directly charge a thousand dollars per pound from the restaurant, maybe you can sell it for more.” A lot! This is true for high-end restaurants as well. As long as the ingredients are good and expensive, I think it’s cheap. You didn’t bring beef for them to try?” “You did
! Eat my whole cow. If you hadn’t tasted it, you’d still sell it.” I won’t go out! They have to sign a contract to guarantee that it tastes like that, otherwise they won’t buy it!”
“If you ask me, our family will open our own restaurant! It doesn’t cost much, as long as the decoration is done, whether it’s beef, sheep, vegetables, or seafood We all have fruits at home!”
Father Han suddenly became excited. He turned around and wanted to speak. The wind rushed into his throat and made him cough a few times. “Slow down and open your own restaurant? I have thought about it before, but it didn’t work out. Chef!”
“It’s not easy. Pay a headhunting company to recruit people from all over the world! I’ll have someone arrange it for you.” ”
No! That’s boring. I’ll do it myself. Look to your left. The airport will be built here in the future. ”
/Here? The location is good. Move a few hundred meters further to the west, otherwise we have to cut down those birch trees.” Han Xuan glanced

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