Emperor Raging Flame slowly opened his eyes, He stood up from the Throne of Raging Flames.

Emperor Raging Flame slowly opened his eyes, He stood up from the Throne of Raging Flames.
With calm and old eyes, looking at Lin Yun who was still struggling to suppress him, he stepped down from the throne step by step.
Off-duty was so frightened that he fell to the ground and stared blankly at the Raging Flame Emperor walking down.
Andefa was also dumbfounded, and the Wheel of All Laws he controlled was trembling.
Rena gritted her teeth, but she didn’t even have the courage to extend her hand
. The Raging Flame Emperor walked down step by step. The tattered armor did not affect him at all. The power, even the slightest momentum, was not exuded. The plain eyes put great pressure on everyone.
This is the Wrathful Flame Emperor. As he walked away, the Wrathful Flame Emperor said calmly: “Don’t be nervous, I don’t mean
harm.” No one doubted this, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
The Raging Flame Emperor walked up to Lin Yun and patted Lin Yun’s shoulders with both hands. Lin Yun, who was concentrating on suppressing the monster, suddenly woke up.
/Then Lin Yun was stunned.
The monster also became completely quiet, as if an invisible force had completely suppressed it.
Emperor Wrathful Flame took the necklace off Lin Yun’s neck with both hands solemnly, and then slowly hung it around his own neck.
/Looking at this necklace, the Raging Flame Emperor said to himself.
“Red Beard was right, I was wrong, and I paid the price for my mistake. The so-called war between gods and demons was indeed a lie.”
After saying that, the Raging Flame Emperor turned and walked towards the throne.
Walking to the front of the throne, the Raging Flame Emperor stretched out his dust-covered hands and gently pulled.
Then, everyone was stunned.
The space was like a rag, and was torn open by the Raging Flame Emperor to create a wide gap. , and on the Intrepid!
A huge space crack that is seven to eight meters high and four to five meters wide is actually
behind the crack that was torn open by the Raging Flame Emperor with his bare hands. There is a road to the starry sky, the boundless starry sky, and even countless stars can be seen. , no one knows where this road leads.
The Raging Flame Emperor stepped onto this road to the starry sky, and behind him, Nobrus, who woke up at some unknown time, followed in his footsteps.
When the space cracks slowly closed, Lin Yun, who was sluggish, came to his senses.
Looking at the back of the Raging Flame Emperor, Lin Yun became anxious.
“Emperor Wrathful Flame, don’t be impatient now. Now that you’re gone, leave the scepter to me!”
Then, I saw the Raging Flame Emperor looked back at Lin Yun, smiled, turned around, took two steps, and disappeared into the starry sky. The space crack also closed up.
Lin Yun looked in the direction of the throne, with a sad face and regret. It was so powerful, and he was still muttering viciously.
“The Raging Flame Emperor is really unkind. I’ve done all the dirty work, and he took it and left. There’s no use for him

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