pany told me over the phone that Merrill Lynch owns 30% of the shares of Bloomberg News. I want to buy it. Please help me find out what the other party means.” “The

pany told me over the phone that Merrill Lynch owns 30% of the shares of Bloomberg News. I want to buy it. Please help me find out what the other party means.” “The
Han’s father looked at the scoundrels, quietly squinted his eyes, and found that no one was paying attention to him, with a pitiful expression on his face.
“Bloomberg? I used to pay attention to it when I was working at Fidelity Fund. In the past ten years, the annual growth rate has been as high as 40%. Merrill Lynch cannot let go.”
Anthony shook his head: “The potential is indeed very great. Today, Bloomberg’s market value should be around one billion U.S. dollars, and every Fidelity Fund office has terminals from this company, including one in my home.”
/“The 40% growth rate was two years ago. This year it dropped to 31%. Merrill Lynch bought it in 1982 for only 30 million US dollars. Now the investment is worth 300 million. A tenfold return is enough to satisfy. This time, I can double the premium. As long as it’s within 600 million US dollars, you can help me get this part of the shares. Even if you don’t buy them all, at least part of them. Michael Bloomberg also asked who wants less money? Who to buy?”
More than one-third of the 500 largest companies in the United States are headquartered in Manhattan, where six of the world’s seven largest banks are gathered, as well as the headquarters of major monopolies.
It concentrates the essence of the world’s finance, securities, futures and insurance industries, a bit like the City of London, La Défense in Paris, Shinjuku in Tokyo, etc., but in terms of influence, they are not as good as Manhattan.
The high-rise buildings were built around the Central Park, neat and beautiful. Looking down from the helicopter, Han Qianshan was still attracted by this city even though he had been here before. In the seat next to him, Jigglypuff held on to the seat tightly, leaving a few Claw marks.
It’s afraid of heights.
Father Han Xuan reached out and rubbed Jigglypuff’s head, and said loudly: “You stole it, you asked for it.”
The sound was drowned by the propeller, and Jigglypuff vaguely heard it, raised his head and showed his paws in threat.
The helicopter turned around at this time, which frightened it and quickly shrank up. Mother Guo smiled and held it in her arms, then relaxed her body and said, “I haven’t been to New York in almost fifteen years. What a big change.”
The sun was rising above the sea level, and the color was fiery red. .
Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon talking with Anthony and Sebastian about the future development of Snow Mountain Investment Company.
During this period, Perez and Donald Trump came and signed a contract to transfer the development rights to 200 59th Street, which was placed in Han Xuan’s name.
This was a special order from the old man. When he went to the city hall to buy the freehold property rights, he had a piece of land of more than 100,000 square meters in midtown Manhattan.
Affected by the love for the land in his blood, Han Xuan was l

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