t stupid. He kept his mouth shut and watched the game with Sanchez and the others.

t stupid. He kept his mouth shut and watched the game with Sanchez and the others.
The rain was dripping along the eaves, and there were some water droplets on the glass of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Han Xuan tightened his clothes and looked at the conspicuous numbers written on the documents.
A total of 16,347 franchise rights were auctioned across the United States, and the average price was lowered by small cities. Finally, with a deposit of US$30,000, each family received a total of US$153,400, and more than US$2.4 billion was spent on various expenses. In the pocket of SOS Group.
Pay off the 3 billion loan from Citibank, get back the 20% of the shares pledged there, and then take out another loan.
The SOS Group was originally valued at US$15 billion. This time it reused 20% of its shares and loaned a total of US$6.4 billion to Morgan and Citigroup respectively. This means that the valuation has risen to US$32 billion. This fact is established On the basis of SOS Group’s listing, it did not, and the total price shrank significantly.
“Fortune” magazine estimated the old man’s current net worth at 19 billion U.S. dollars. The end of the article pointed out that this means if those branches are successful, otherwise it will be reduced.
SOS Group has successfully stood on the trend of the past month. The continuous exposure has caused the turnover to increase by 12.5%. Every news related to the old man has become the key to the newspaper’s sales, and he has no tricks to follow.
The only two flight attendants on the private jet worth reporting were also confirmed to be seconded to him by Gulfstream Aerospace.
/The reporters did not give up and went to Europe to find Grandma Han Xuan. She also proved that this was not the case, otherwise the old man would not be able to live in peace.
At the right time, he proposed that he would create a high-end clothing brand. The name was Whoops (Whoops/Whoops). Han Xuan helped start it. Considering that it was difficult to translate into Chinese, it could not be called “Whoops Clothing Chain Store” and the name was registered in Asia. Called whoo.
Realizing that now that they had harassed their parents, they seemed to be targeting them again. The security guards failed to keep out all the reporters who were pretending to be tender. The workload of the bodyguards, Rice and Gabriel, was much heavier.
Rumors have spread that the talented young heir of SOS Group is studying at Brown University. It can be expected that a large number of reporters are on the way, and it is time to go out and hide.
After a few days in class, I suddenly realized that I was not interested. I memorized all the textbooks and borrowed lesson plans from the teachers of each subject to memorize them. I began to live a life like Isabelle and Harris without going to the classroom. As for homework such as collecting information, That’s what managers should do, there’s no need to learn it.
East West Bank was completely delisted, and SOS Group held a huge amount of funds accumulated from t

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