This palace has a gloomy tone and extremely unique decoration.

This palace has a gloomy tone and extremely unique decoration.
It seems that the entire palace is made of the bones of countless living beings.
At this time, in the palace, there were several terrifying demon gods with magnificent demonic auras sitting in the main hall. On the main seat was a demonic and powerful man wearing purple and black black armor with an unusually fiery figure.
The pupils of her eyes were different, and the left eye was red, like fire.
/The right eye on the right side showed a strange coldness.
There is both fiery charm and cold dignity and evil on her face, and there is an ocean-like evil energy around her that is condensed in this magnificent palace.
Below him, there are four other entities with soaring demonic aura.
They are also part of the rising stars that were born after the ancient times.
They are three men and one woman, with different faces.
After the black-robed figure entered the palace, his eyes first fell on the Nine Infant Demon Saint on the main seat.
“Nine Infant Demon Saint, Your Majesty, please take action first and capture the patrolling Heavenly Lord!”
Hearing this, the Demon Lord next to him, wrapped in white and red armor and feathers, sneered.
“Does Demon Lord Mo want to break the contract? Or is he afraid of the patrolling Heavenly Lord of the Immortal Realm?”
There was something cold in his eyes.
According to the agreement, the Black God Legion is responsible for the frontal attack, and their demon clan is responsible for opening the door to the outside world from the inside!
The black-robed demon looked calm and said calmly.
“How can the Great Phoenix Demon Saint talk about this?”
“The Great Lord controls the world. How can he, a human Taoist, worry the Great Lord? We and the Black God Legion have already taken action and successfully set up a battlefield between the two realms. Now This is enough to prove the sincerity of our Demon God Legion!
/Now the Great Master hopes that you Demon Race will take the lead and also prove your ability and sincerity. After you show your sincerity, our Demon God Legion will continue to attack the True World of Immortality!”
Hearing this, another banshee sneered.
“What a joke. When you harvested the origin of the Corridor Realm, you didn’t show any sincerity. Now you are just afraid of the patrolling Taoist Lord, the Mo God Demon Lord, the ancient Demon Lord of the Black Abyss Demon Realm. You are so timid, which is disappointing. !”
The black-robed demon god slowly raised his head, his eyes filled with strong evil thoughts, and his cold voice came out.
“Please also be careful in your words and deeds. Your Majesty’s majesty cannot be blasphemed. If you anger your Majesty, it will be of no benefit to both of you and me!”
After a slight pause, the black-robed Demon God said coldly.
“Of course, you can choose not to accept the order from the Great Lord. If so, we and the Demon God Legion will withdraw immediately!”
He looked calm, but several demon saints in the hall suddenly became furious

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