action directly, just make the matter bigger. The more fierce the resistance, the better. The bigger the noise, the better.

action directly, just make the matter bigger. The more fierce the resistance, the better. The bigger the noise, the better.
It’s best to make the whole kingdom know about it. The sage is high. Saruman of the Tower was an idiot for bringing a fifth-level archmage into a gathering of Magic Hands.
By that time, I’m afraid even Joey will pretend not to know this disciple when he sees Saruman, right?
So when Darren came up, although his tone was very rude, he did not directly chase them away. Instead, he left room for the other party to talk. What Darren wanted was to let the other party speak and let the other party make a fuss. The bigger the fuss, the better
. , the young archmage did not disappoint Daeron.
“Haha, Mage Darren, I’m very curious, how will I regret if I don’t go out?”
“How will I regret it?” Darren secretly suppressed the pride in his heart and glanced at Saru next to him. Man: “That’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure. Whoever brought you in will definitely be held responsible.”
Saruman next to him almost cramped with laughter, but he was embarrassed to laugh out loud. When the sound came, I could only resist the urge to laugh. It was very hard to hold it in there.
Darren’s words couldn’t be more clear.
“Whoever brought you in will definitely be responsible.”
Saruman thought. Without thinking, he knew that the “who” in the words must be referring to himself.
The problem is that Saruman knew that this “who” was actually Joey,
so Saruman didn’t say anything and just waited there peacefully. When Darren discovered that this “who” was actually Joey, Will Joey be held responsible?
It’s a pity that Daeron doesn’t know anything at this time. Daeron is waiting expectantly, waiting for this young archmage to make things big. It is best to drag Saruman into the water. When the time comes, let’s see. Will Joey still give Saruman a good look?
“Sorcerer Daeron, you also said that this is a gathering of the Magic Hand, not a gathering of the Tower of Ashes, so I don’t understand a little bit, Daeron “Mage, what right do you have to let me out?”
“Haha.” When Dai Lun saw the other party’s reaction, he knew that it was almost done. Young people are young people, and they really can’t calm down.
Don’t think about it. If I I don’t even have the right to kick you out, so why would I stand here and talk so much nonsense to you? If it were an old fox like Saruman, he would never ask such childish words. Saruman would probably recognize the situation immediately and then figure out a way to leave here as decently as possible.
/This is the right choice.
Instead of yelling at me, what’s the use of yelling at me? The more you scream now, the more embarrassing it will be later. Not only will you lose your own people, but you will also lose Saruman.
It’s a pity to lose Joey’s people. Young people will not understand this principle of retreat to advance. The journey has been so smooth that it is easy to get carried away. You have no idea what your last name is, and you don’t even think ab

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