dy on the dining table, just waiting to be cut and eaten.

dy on the dining table, just waiting to be cut and eaten.
“Stupid human, you have successfully angered Master Peg’s most loyal subordinates. Now you have changed your mind. I want to eat you. I haven’t eaten a human for a long time. The human I ate last time was very tasty. I will eat you slowly.”
The left hand of the Zombie Skeleton King is holding the scepter. The dark green mist seems to come alive, lingering around his body, and some mist slowly spreads, the power of the plague At this moment, it seemed that even space could be infected. Wherever the dark green mist flowed, only a large area of ??dark green light was left. In an instant, half of the sky seemed to have turned dark green.
The zombie skeleton king smiled and turned into an afterimage and disappeared in place. Almost instantly, he appeared less than a kilometer in front of Lin Yun. The space there was rapidly infected into a dark green space, thick with death. The crisis enveloped Lin Yun in an instant, and his soul warning reaction was like a screaming banshee suddenly appearing in his head and letting out a piercing scream.
Lin Yun’s body disappeared instantly. The next second, a gray Half-Moon Slash instantly slashed through the place where Lin Yun was just now. A thin space crack appeared at the place where the Half-Moon Slash had slashed. The Half-Moon Slash looked somewhat transparent. It cut through the space and hit the light curtain formed by the Holy Light Cage, immediately causing dense ripples.
That light curtain was intact despite the impact of tens of millions of undead. It seemed to be just a light curtain that a pebble fell into. At this moment, it was like a piece of golden silk that had been shaken wantonly, causing large waves and waves. Ripples seemed to be able to tear this light curtain into pieces with just a little bit of strength.
/Promi in mid-air was also shocked. He summoned the Holy Light Icon to form a Holy Light Cage. The suppression of undead creatures definitely reached a level that transcended levels. Even a level 48 undead could be trapped in this cage. But now he was almost torn apart by a level 47 undead.
Prome once again increased the intensity of the Holy Light. The aria’s hymn seemed to become louder, and the four huge icons began to sing along with Prome. Sing hymns together to strengthen the cage.
Inside the cage, the Zombie Skeleton King seemed to have gone berserk, becoming fierce and crazy. He held the death sickle in his right hand and Peg’s scepter in his left hand. At the top of Ge’s scepter, the beating heart was beating faster and faster. From time to time, a drop of dark green blood spilled out, turning into a large ray of plague light.
/If Lin Yun had not been protected by the crystal phoenix, and had taken medicine in advance as a precaution, he would have been unable to withstand the plague by now.
The terrifying attacks forced Lin Yun to dodge continuously, without any chance, the Wheel of Ten Thousand Dharma floated away. Beside Lin Yun, he was calculating everything on the ent

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