tween Marfa Merlin and the Merlin family is actually far less than what the outside world imagines. harmonious.

tween Marfa Merlin and the Merlin family is actually far less than what the outside world imagines. harmonious.
The problem is, Fran doesn’t believe it.
“Les, you are looking at the problem too superficially.”
Les almost vomited blood. He has already used the magic lock. Is it too superficial?
Thinking of this, Les felt that he really needed to warn Fran, otherwise it would really end badly if he let him continue to make trouble like this.
“Fran, just listen to me once. Although you are a fifth-level wizard and have mastered the hand of time, to be honest, your chances of fighting with Marfa Merlin are really very small.”
“Joke” Fran suddenly sneered, his laughter full of contempt and disdain.
In fact, until now, Fran still feels that he has not lost, but that he was just
/careless. At that time, if he had not felt that he had a chance to win and wanted to use the roar of the fire dragon to make the other party feel the despair before death, then he would never have done so. There will be failure later, let alone the final humiliation.
The reason why he lost was just because he didn’t expect that Mafa Merlin’s spell casting speed would be so fast, even faster than the hand of time’s spell casting speed!
If it were another time and another place, I would never be so careless.
I am a powerful fifth-level mage, and I have mastered the hand of time. How could I lose to an archmage? What a joke
“Don’t think I’m joking. Mafa Merlin’s strength is really unfathomable. If you haven’t been to Thousand Sails City before, you may not have heard of it. Although Mafa Merlin only became a mage this year, , but the record this year can really be described as invincible. Along the way, he defeated two magicians alone, and there was also a ninth-level magician from the Cloud Tower named Horn. At that time, Star Sage Joey personally concluded that Marfa Merlin had the strength to die with him.”
“Horn?” Even with Fran’s confidence, he couldn’t help but frown when he heard the name. .
The name Horn is very resounding in Auckland. Cloud Tower is the most promising to become one of your ninth-level magicians. He has been fighting in the Pale Plane for these years and just returned to the world of Northrend two months ago. He was appointed as the new Minister of Magic by Star Sage Joey.
Although Fran is very confident in his own strength, compared with Horn in the cloud tower, Fran himself has to admit that he is still a little behind. Could it be
said that Marfa Merlin is really so powerful? To what extent?
“Also, I heard Saruman say that the Star Sage values ??Marfa Merlin very much. If you really want to do anything to him, I’m afraid of the tower in the clouds.”
“Star Sage?” Fran’s heart suddenly thought. Another concern, why is there still a Star Sage?
That was the most powerful titled mage in the kingdom, a figure who could step into the heavenly realm anytime and anywhere. If such a figure stood up for Mafa Merlin, not to mention one Fran, or even ten Fran would be dead.
“Anyway, think about it c

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