hat of ice armor. The combination of the two can completely exceed the total defense of an ordinary level 15 player’s external armor and fog armor!

hat of ice armor. The combination of the two can completely exceed the total defense of an ordinary level 15 player’s external armor and fog armor!
‘Exploding Ice Arrow’ is a magic control skill. It not only explodes the damage, but also freezes the opponent and causes continuous damage. Liu Gan is right! The fourth stage of Brain Realm is so powerful that her strength jumped directly from the level equivalent to a level 10 player to the level equivalent to a level 16 player!
Liu Gan with the scepter is even more terrifying. It is estimated that his current attack power is already close to that of level 17 and 18 players!
/There were only three energy zombies in the subway station. In order to hunt more energy zombies and let Chen Haiwang upgrade as soon as possible to provide more and more powerful long-range damage, Liu Gan led the two of them to the cabin of the Kiru spaceship. It went deep inside.
The Kiru spacecraft was filled with the smell of blood and the smell of corpses. Finally, an energy zombie appeared in the passage ahead. As soon as Liu Gan and Anna approached, it immediately roared at them. Pounced over.
Ana experienced a blast of ice arrows and immediately froze it. Liu Gan waited for a moment and blasted a death thunder. The energy zombie’s health dropped a lot, but he was also rescued from the frozen state. It came out, but Anna shot another explosive ice arrow over and froze it again.
Chen Haiwang saw the opportunity and shot a serial killing shot. The most depressing thing for him now is that this serial killing requires more than ten minutes of cooling time, so most of the time he can only stand there doing nothing, watching Liu Qian’s The terrifying thunder of death hits the energy zombies on the head for free.
Just when Liu Qian, with Anna’s exquisite cooperation, was about to harvest the experience of this energy zombie and transfer it to Chen Haiwang, a mutant energy zombie that was slightly larger in size suddenly appeared around the corner!
Then, it was followed by a dozen energy zombies. After seeing Liu Qian and Anna here, it immediately roared and rushed towards them.
“Holy shit!” Liu Qian’s pupils shrank. Although his and Anna’s strength had greatly improved after the fourth stage of the brain domain, they had not yet improved to the point where they could deal with so many energy zombies at once, let alone one of the same level inside. Mutated energy zombies for level 17 and 18 players!
“What should I do?” Anna obviously realized that something was wrong. She turned her sight and shot an arrow at the mutated energy zombie, but she was unable to freeze it!
/Liu Qian’s mind was spinning rapidly.
If they escaped in this situation, their speed would not be as fast as this mutant energy zombie. The consequences of leaving their back to it would be serious.
If they don’t escape, the risk of facing them head-on will be very high. If so many zombies rush towards them from the other direction, they will fly back and be resurrected.
There is a penalty time of half an h

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