Galaxy’s energy armor, and creating streaks on the energy armor. The colorful ripples lasted for several hours before gradually weakening.

Galaxy’s energy armor, and creating streaks on the energy armor. The colorful ripples lasted for several hours before gradually weakening.
The Galaxy is far enough away from the center of the explosion, and the existing armor is enough to withstand the remaining radiation hazards after the explosion. It is still very safe to stay inside the Galaxy. But if they leave the Galaxy and go outside, the team members will be harmed by continuous radiation after the nuclear bomb explodes.
After inspection by the medical system, it was found that the team members were more or less exposed to radiation at the moment of the explosion, but under the protection of external armor and fog armor, they did not suffer much damage.
Transport aircraft, armor clothing, etc. that were contaminated by radiation were temporarily isolated and sealed by Mint. They must find ways to remove the radiation in them before they can be used again.
The entire snow-capped mountain area is now almost enveloped by the intense radiation from the nuclear bomb explosion, so Liu Gan and others will not be able to leave the Galaxy in the short term. They can only wait for the radiation intensity to slowly weaken, or develop strong anti-radiation equipment. Just the armor will do.
If he were to force his way out, with Liu Qian’s current defense capabilities, it wouldn’t be a big problem to withstand the radiation for two or three days. However, there would be no transport plane after he left. It would be inconvenient for him to move in the snowy mountains, and he would not be able to rush to the polar regions to destroy the Holy Sword. headquarters, so let’s wait until the Galaxy develops a radiation-resistant armor.
Unable to go out, Liu Qian doesn’t have to be idle while staying in the Galaxy. He can go on missions in other spaces and let the Galaxy gradually become stronger. He asked Mint to share the task list of the different space and study it.
After Mo Fan’s previous efforts, the Galaxy can now take on 4-star difficulty tasks. Liu Qian can now do 1-star to 3-star missions, or directly do 4-star difficulty tasks.
“I am currently working on a series of missions for mecha soldiers. If all are completed, we will have enough technology to develop mecha soldiers on our own. Do you want to go on a mission with me?” Mo Fan asked Liu Qian A sound.
“Let’s do the tasks separately, so we can get more rewards.” Liu Qian refused Mo Fan’s invitation. He was worried that his brain would become dull and difficult to use after spending too much time with a wise man like Mo Fan. , it will be better to go out and exercise alone.
“Okay.” Mo Fan was now used to going on missions alone. Seeing that Liu Qian had no intention of going on missions with him, he didn’t say anything more.
/At Mint’s suggestion, Liu Qian chose a mission that rewarded basic rune technology. After obtaining the basic rune technology, Mint could build a very basic scientific research base on the Galaxy to put the rune technology into practical use. Research in this area, such as d

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