morning . At 10 o’clock, Pengcheng 128M Bay series memory will be released at a low price of 450 yuan, subject to cash payment.
/An hour later, Tesla announced its follow-up. As for the price, it remained the same. The retail price was lower than that of Pengcheng, and the dealer’s profit was higher than that of Pengcheng.
The dealers are still willing to call the brand name of the red memory Tesla, not Shenzhou.
To be honest, even if the price of Shenzhou memory is more expensive than Pengcheng’s, it is still a hot-selling product due to its beautiful appearance.
When they heard that Tesla was following up, all the merchants were happy. However, just when they started lamenting that Tesla acted even more domineering and disgusting in the face of the always domineering Pengcheng, Pengcheng lowered the price again!
Pengcheng 440 yuan.
/At this moment, whether they are in the IT industry or not, business people in Zhongguancun and even Kyoto have all set their sights on Zhonghai Electronics Mall.
Does that young boy who has suddenly risen to prominence this year know what he is doing?
Countless reporters from IT media went to Zhonghai Electronics Market, and rolling news about memory price trends began to appear on major IT websites.
Pengcheng 430 yuan.
With the real-time updates of news on IT websites, this weird price reduction war has attracted the attention of the whole country.
“What’s going on? I haven’t been to Zhongguancun Online for a few days. Why is memory so cheap?”
“Upstairs, Intel has released a new chipset that supports the latest Rambus technology memory!”
“Because of new technology, these two I can understand the huge price reduction of memory. Why did it change so suddenly today? The merchants in the Computer City have become saints? ”
“The news is too sudden, merchants are rushing to clear their inventory,
right? ” Besides, PC133 won’t be eliminated for a while, and I plan to upgrade to a 128M one later!”
“That’s right, in the United States, the motherboard manufacturer here has just released an advertisement in the past two days, saying that the i980 chipset will It’s only a month and a half before it goes on sale during the peak sales season.
“It’s located in Europe, so it’s the same here!”
“What’s going on here?”
“I heard that the new Shenzhou Memory and Agents are here in Kyoto. Most of the Wanwan series memory dealers are fighting!”
“Are there any netizens from Kyoto online?”
“Yes! I’m from China Overseas, Tesla is so domineering!”
“What does it have to do with
you ? Don’t you know? The president of Shenzhou is Zhao Song, and Shenzhou memory is manufactured by Tesla!”
“Tesla is so domineering, it would be great if it lowers the price of its own products.”
“Upstairs, Tesla! Brand-name products will only increase prices! I still regret not getting in line earlier. I probably won’t be able to buy a Celeron version of Frozen anymore.
“Netizens, I’m off topic. Are you going to fight with that agent?

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