ess their ignorance.

ess their ignorance.
“This is not meat cut from zombies. It is the food we found ourselves. You can eat it with confidence.” Zhao Hui said with a smile, and then put a piece of barbecue into his mouth.
“I’m sorry, we wrongly blamed you.” Yao Weidong’s wife Cheng Qi also quickly apologized to Zhao Hui, hoping that he would let the three of them go.
/“Here, eat some more.” Zhao Hui took out all the remaining barbecue and handed it to the family of three.
Seeing that Zhao Hui also ate those barbecues, the family of three was very scared, but they still had to eat all the barbecues under Zhao Hui’s coercion.
I was extremely hungry, but it didn’t feel good to be forced to eat these grilled meats from unknown sources.
“When we two brothers were wandering around outside last night, we found a place to stay. There was a family of three like you living there. They entertained us two brothers very warmly and brought out all the food they had. After sharing it with us, you said there are still many good people in this world!” Zhao Hui sighed while eating barbecue.
“Yes.” Cheng Qi had no choice but to agree after hearing what Zhao Hui said.
“To thank the family of three for their kindness, we made them into barbecued meats and took them with us when we left, so that we can always remember them.” Zhao Hui continued to say a few words.
After the family of three heard what Zhao Hui just said, their stomachs suddenly turned violent and they wanted to vomit, and their faces became extremely ugly.
“Do you want to spit out the food you just ate? Do you know that wasting is a shameful act? It’s hopeless!” Zhao Hui criticized the family of three and suddenly raised the iron bar in his hand and slammed it Towards Yao Weidong’s head.
Accompanied by the sound of his skull cracking, Yao Weidong fell to the ground without saying a word. Blood flowed all over the floor. His body twitched a few times and then became motionless. The mother and daughter were completely frightened and screamed loudly when they looked at Yao Weidong’s body.
“Stop screaming! If you ask me again, I will kill you too!” Zhao Hui raised the iron rod in his hand and waved it in the air several times, looking very irritable.
The mother and daughter suddenly became quiet, and looked at Zhao Hui with horror and grief. The loss of their loved ones made them very painful and desperate, but under the intimidation of these two men, they did not dare to do anything, even He didn’t even have the courage to get up and run away.
“Tie them up!” Zhao Hui ordered Chen Chen, the young man next to him.
Chen Chen handed the machete in his hand to Zhao Hui, then took out two ropes from his body and walked towards the mother and daughter.
“Please let us go,” Cheng Qi begged the two men desperately. If her daughter Yao Yi hadn’t been here, she might have tried to escape directly.
But her daughter Yao Yi was completely frightened at this moment. Cheng Qi knew that even if she escaped, her daughter Yao Yi would definitely not have any good consequences if she

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