kin exposed outside the mask, with a faint light in his eyes.

“That’s it.” Yangzhou Dajuzi touched his gray beard on his chin, nodded and said, “Since everyone has identified Mr. Luo as the real successor of Dajuzi, let’s start the layout. All the Skywalkers who have been dispatched have Taking action, there are more than 100 prefectures in Yangzhou’s six roads and nearly a thousand counties. In my estimation, they only have two ways to go north. One is to go from Guxi Prefecture on Jiangxi Road, and the other is to turn to Yuhua Road and rush to Najicheng Prefecture. In the northern border, you can send your subordinates Skywalker to capture it in one fell swoop to avoid further trouble. ”
Capture it in one fell swoop? You look down on my opponent too much,”
a cold and thick voice came from outside the pavilion, and the seven giants expressed their displeasure. Change, while looking out the door. Clothed in white clothes like snow, oppressing the darkness of the night, a young man with an ordinary appearance that people dare not look at directly stepped into the secret room of the attic. He was holding a head dripping with blood in his hand, and his eyes were wide open, still retaining the panic and fear at the moment of death.
“Master Luo”
A big man was about to say something, but was coldly interrupted by Luo Jishang.
“Why, you still don’t want to treat me as a great prince?”
Luo Jishang looked at the great princes from various states sitting around in the secret room with an expressionless expression. It burst out from him that none of the powerful men who were either in high positions or had experienced many vicissitudes of cultivation and whose strength was not weaker than Luo Jishang dared to raise their eyes and looked back to the side, but only the female powerful woman from Yunzhou His whole body was shaken, and he stared straight at the head that Luo Jishang was holding in his hands by his hair. He was panting and his chest was rising and falling, and his eyes were full of hatred.
/“Master Luo, please calm down.” But it was the oldest Yangzhou Dajuzi who took a deep breath, looked at Luo Jishang, whose face was full of frost, with complex eyes and said, “Dajuzi left it in the secret words of our Skywalkers. It is said that the second great son will be born in 28,000 years, who will unify the seven states and achieve the prosperous age of Tianxing in the Dayan era. However, that person must seize the inheritance tokens from the other six quasi-inheritors and gather them together. Only those seven celestial magic weapons can be sacrificed at the Temple of Heaven to inherit the throne of the Great Master.”
“Now that Master Luo has collected six of them, he will undoubtedly be the true heir. However, the rules must not be messed up until Master Luo seizes the throne. The last sky-protecting mirror, we will regard you as the great prince.”
A sneer flashed across the corner of his mouth, but it disappeared in an instant, and Luo Jishang looked straight at Yangzhou Juzi.
“So you want to kill M

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