threat from the light pillar.

threat from the light pillar.
“Who are you?”
Without any amplification, his voice was like thunder, rumbling and vibrating, directly shattering many stones on the ground.
The sound wave passed far away, and the entire fortress was shaken and scattered with a lot of dust.
The frightened cries of countless creatures in the city suddenly came out.
“This is Huiyang City, and I am the guardian here, the nine-headed bird Huiyang.”
The female voice answered.
“Dear Lord Photographer of the Sun, we actually don’t know about the Sky Alliance’s crusade against Shadow City. The news here has been completely blocked by Fang Yu. If we knew that the Sky Alliance army was coming, we, the Nine-Headed Bird Clan, would never dare to compete wantonly. So, after sensing you”
“Surrender, or die.”
Lin Xin interrupted.
He was in no mood and had no time to listen to the other party’s nonsense.
/The fortress suddenly fell silent.
They first showed their trump card, the black beam of light, in order to negotiate terms with Tianmeng and Lin Xin.
But I didn’t expect that the other party didn’t even bother to listen and only gave two choices.
Probably count the interest.
Lin Xin gently grasped the sword of joy and was about to swing it forward.
“We surrender!”
Nine-headed Bird Huiyang replied in a low voice.
“But we hope to be under your command! Not the Tianmeng!”
Lin Xin squinted his eyes and thought for a moment.
The nine-headed bird said.
It is said that the bloodline of the ancient mythical beast species that survived from the beginning is said to have the bloodline of the evil god king, but the reality is unknown.
The specific magical abilities are also unknown.
Recalling the information about the nine-headed bird Huiyang in his mind, Lin Xin soon saw a pitch black giant bird flying slowly in the black fortress, with its feathers covered in burning black fire.
It has nine necks and heads, each head is like a peacock.
Huiyang! Huiyang! !
The nine-headed bird raised its head and made a strange cry.
This is also the origin of its name.
The giant black bird flapped its wings and flew up, like a huge black cloud, and in an instant it was suspended in front of Lin Xin.
“Sovereign Divine Lord, Huiyang is willing to surrender.”
It said through a message from its divine mind, bowing its nine heads respectfully.
“Tell me your real name.”
Lin Xin said calmly.
At their level, especially for terrifying creatures like the Nine-Headed Bird, which are between the Heavenly Lord and the Earthly Immortal Life Candle, only their true names can truly restrain them.
Their true names are imprinted in the depths of the void, running through countless traces and histories they have left behind. It contains all the secrets of its life and magical powers.
Once it is mastered by a person with great supernatural powers, life and death can be determined by one thought.
Among other things, Lin Xin knows a Tao method called Yin Ming Zhi Zhi.
/It is a universal Taoist method recorded in Bihu

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