t lightning flashing past.

t lightning flashing past.
In Taoism, Jiutian Yingyuan Thunder Universal Transformation Tianzun is the incarnation of the Immortal Emperor. There are also theories that he was created by the Shang Dynasty Grand Master Wen Zhong after he became a god. Controlling the power of thunder and lightning in the world, thunder method is the most lethal spell in Taoism. However, the practice of thunder method is generally a secret technique that is not passed on to outsiders by major organizations and sects in the circle. To put it simply, people who know the thunder method can be regarded as the core disciples of a certain sect.
I had heard Qin Qianqiu say before that Ling Yan was once a close disciple of a senior in the Quanzhen Sect, so it seemed that he was right.
The thunder became louder and louder, and the strong wind blew from a distance and blew away the heavy fog above our heads. The giant seemed to feel uneasy, and let out a dark roar.
There are more and more dark clouds in the sky, and thunder and lightning are moving through the clouds. I have never seen such a celestial phenomenon in the past. I can’t tell whether it is because Linghuan summoned lightning or because the rainy season is approaching and the sky in Daheishan Mountain has begun to change.
But I understood one thing deeply in my heart: Lingqian might be right to take me away.
Ling Yan’s hair was messed up by the strong wind, and the thunder was scary. The fat man pulled Luo Qiong back to me, and asked in a low voice: “Damn, what’s going on? Why is there such a thing as thunder?”
“It seems that Lingzhen is casting a spell to attract thunder.”
I answered casually.
/“Is it true? Is there such a thing in the world? My dear, isn’t this just like making a movie? Don’t make a monkey with a bang!”
The fat man had not forgotten the poor man at this time. After two sentences, Luo Qiong next to him shook his head and said: “The rainy season in the forest is coming soon. Thunder is not uncommon at this time. During the rainy season, birds or beasts are often killed by lightning. I have even picked up these dead beasts. Nothing strange. ”
What these two people said is correct. I don’t believe in the so-called magic, summoning thunder and lightning. The special powers of Zhang Baosheng that made a lot of noise across the country in the past few years are not so weird. If there are real people, If you can attract lightning, why won’t you be arrested by the central government for research?
However, Lingzhen’s tinkering seemed serious. There were more and more lightnings passing through the clouds in the sky. The dull atmosphere seemed to have an invisible pressure between heaven and earth falling on my heart.
“It’s so boring.”
The fat man had just said this when the mysterious giant on the opposite side was already roaring and rushing towards Lingzhen. At this time, Lingzhen was defenseless. If he was attacked by the mysterious giant from the front, his life would probably be unsafe.
“Be careful, don’t die!”
/I shouted, but at this momen

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