tored for a long time, and the storage conditions are very harsh, so they can only be used immediately.

tored for a long time, and the storage conditions are very harsh, so they can only be used immediately.
Lin Yaoyang said quickly as if he saw what he was thinking.
“Don’t worry about this. My father still has a Ten Thousand Years Thunder King Pearl that can provide you with enough thunder energy. You can just ask your father for it later.”
This is the benefit of being a big family clan, sitting on countless As for resources, you can just call them over if you want them. You don’t have to worry about finding them yourself.
After absorbing the fourth layer of thunder energy, Lin Xin obviously felt that his body could no longer bear it.
After each layer of the Thunder Sword absorbs the thunder energy, there is a long adaptation process. This adaptation process is actually the process in which the thunder energy continuously tempers the physical strength of the practitioner.
Lin Xin is now certain that the 108-style Thunder Sword is the top sword technique at the True Lord level, but it is too difficult to practice.
The first level takes an ordinary person five years, the second level theoretically takes ten years according to recorded statistics, the third level fifteen years, and the fourth level twenty years.
This is just theoretical data. In fact, it is easy to get started with the training of Ben Lei Sword. After every ten levels, the difficulty will increase a lot.
After Lin Xin paused his practice, he chatted with Lin Yaoyang about the situation.
As the manager of the family head training tower, Lin Yaoyang still has a relatively detailed understanding of the general situation of Ben Lei Sword training in the family.
Immediately, he explained it carefully to Lin Xin.
“In the family, there are three people who have practiced to the sixtieth level. One from the clan family and two from the branch family. They are all retired elders who never show up. And there are thirty-three people who have practiced to the fiftieth level. , these thirty-three people are the real basis for our Lin family to handle daily affairs, manage all foreign affairs, etc. They are responsible for taking orders from each generation of blood secreters.”
Lin Yaoyang sat cross-legged opposite Lin Xin, with a black skirt under his skirt. The mysterious part between her silk legs was inadvertently exposed, and she didn’t care.
After being reminded a few times by Lin Xin, she paid more attention. But he still has the carefree attitude of a boy. Obviously he doesn’t regard Lin Xin as a man.
“In the final analysis, in our Lin family, the power of secret blood is king. But brother, your talent is the first person in history to master the Thunder Sword. When you practice to a high level in the future, you will have You sister, I have a covering on my head, so you can do whatever you want?”
/It can be seen that Lin Yaoyang is sincerely happy for his brother.
Even if there is no secret blood, as long as the Ben Lei Sword is cultivated to a higher level, it can be enough to protect itself against the secondary se

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