r hundreds of years. Who would be embarrassed to say that their own beef was not as good as that of a guy who had just raised cattle for a few years?

r hundreds of years. Who would be embarrassed to say that their own beef was not as good as that of a guy who had just raised cattle for a few years?
/Even if this is the truth, you have to endure your helplessness, pretend to be calm, and nod in praise.
Han Qianshan was greeting the guests. When he saw their expressions, he immediately became happy. What was going on with their constipation? The
barbecue grills had been set up, and there were seven or eight of them.
Pastries began to be placed on the long table, and the food brought by the guests was also among them.
A group of children ranging from a few years old to teenagers were playing together and seemed to be very happy. There’s no way around it. The place is vast and sparsely populated, so it’s really not easy to meet friends of the same age.
/Han Xuan went to the ranch alone because he didn’t want to fight with them. Which adult in his twenties have you seen playing police and thief games with children?
Little Han Xuan thought to himself, but in the eyes of his parents, he is only a seven-year-old baby, and it is really distressing to keep asking him to make more friends.
As he walked home slowly, McDull, who was a loser, followed him. The sound of small bells came all the way. As soon as he arrived at the door of the yard, he heard his father’s voice: “Son, hurry up and greet the guests. They have already greeted me.” Asked about you.”
“Here again.” Han Xuan nodded helplessly: “Okay, dad, I will take good care of them.”
A group of teenage children didn’t care about his little adult appearance, and gathered around him to talk. : “Han! Last time I was brought home by my dad, I didn’t even finish the story! Why don’t you tell us more!”
He is more than ten kilometers away and the nearest neighbor is the Augsburg Ranch. The son of the family, Balzer, is a very handsome Latin guy.
“That’s it! It’s really exciting!”
“Brother, I want to listen, I want to listen!”
The voices of boys and girls mixed together, and Han Xuan was so noisy that his head was big, and he could only shout loudly: “Okay! But please stop pulling my pants
down, okay? Where are you touching?” A slender little hand immediately retracted and pulled it in the wrong place.
Han Xuan was sitting cross-legged on the grass, with more than a dozen children sitting in front of him. Why? It seemed like an old monk was lecturing, and the young voice came slowly: “‘Welcome to Hogwarts,’ Professor McGonagall said, ‘The opening banquet is about to begin, but before you go to the restaurant, First of all, everyone needs to decide which college they will enter.”
A bunch of kids stared wide-eyed.
Under the eaves, Han Qianshan smiled slightly when he saw this scene, while the other ranchers looked at their children with mixed feelings in their hearts.
“Forget it if the pasture can’t compare, what about my son?” The strong air flow exhaled by the sigh can cause a sandstorm in China in half a month.
It gets dark quickly and the dry grapevines, the best wood for barbecues, begin

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