t that I have this reconnaissance artifact!” Guo Tian put down his engineering electric drill and took out his sky-shielding umbrella.

t that I have this reconnaissance artifact!” Guo Tian put down his engineering electric drill and took out his sky-shielding umbrella.
Liu Qian saw the sky-shading umbrella, and then agreed to take GuoOn that day, the three of them quietly sneaked towards the direction of the gunshots and came to a window on the top floor of a five-story building outside the battlefield. They looked through the gap in the curtain towards the residential area and found that the residential area was in a mess. , most of the buildings were bombed into ruins, and many ruins were burning with raging fires.
About fifty heavily armed soldiers wearing gas masks were divided into five teams and were searching around the ruins. From time to time, a few snow-spotted zombies who were seriously or slightly injured in the explosion would crawl out of the ruins of the building and hiss. Shouting and pounced on the small groups of soldiers.
The soldiers immediately raised their assault rifles and focused their fire on the snow-spotted zombies. The snow-spotted zombies have thick skin and hard bones. Even bullets fired from assault rifles have difficulty penetrating their skin and muscle tissue. Occasionally, they can penetrate. It doesn’t seem to cause much harm to them if it goes in.
And their hard skulls can even directly deflect assault rifle bullets, so that the attacks of these soldiers’ assault rifles cannot cause a headshot to them.
Under normal circumstances, if a large number of snow-spotted zombies in a residential area gather together and attack these soldier squads, the weapons in the hands of these soldier squads are simply not enough to deal with the attacks of swarms of snow-spotted zombies.
However, because the residential areas had experienced a very thorough round of missile bombing and high-temperature combustion of air-burning bombs, most of the snow-spotted zombies were seriously injured or slightly injured and buried under the ruins of the buildings. Now they are only scattered. Climbing out of the ruins of the building, they attacked the soldier squad one by one. They were unable to assemble into a group of corpses, so what Liu Qian and Anna saw were basically more than a dozen soldiers attacking one or two injured snow-spotted zombies with firepower. .
In this case, even if the bullets of the assault rifle cannot effectively penetrate the corpses of the snow-spotted zombies and cannot break their skulls, after a large number of bullets are dumped on them, some bullets will always hit their eyes. Weak spots such as the inside and mouth, or hitting places where previous bullets have caused damage will cause cumulative damage.
In the end, these snow-spotted zombies fell to the guns of the soldier team one by one.
/In addition, Liu Gan also discovered at least two snipers, who were protected by infantry and hiding in relatively secluded high places nearby. The special sniper bullets fired from their guns can effectively penetrate the heads of snow-spotted zombies. As long as they are shot Basically, it

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