nology can create very primitive space battleships. I can’t give you the detailed design plan, but I can provide you with a few key points.”

nology can create very primitive space battleships. I can’t give you the detailed design plan, but I can provide you with a few key points.”
“The temperature during nuclear fusion is extremely high, and there is not enough material technology to carry out controllable nuclear fusion, but there is an energy armor system on your small spacecraft. , there should be technology in this area in the main system, which can provide your scientists with an idea, allowing them to use energy armor to constrain nuclear fusion, making it a controllable nuclear fusion, and then apply it to the power system of the starship. You It is no longer a dream for space battleships to fly out of the earth.
“There are a lot of fuels for controllable nuclear fusion on the earth, and gaseous planets such as Jupiter and Saturn can also be provided in large quantities.”
Liu Gan decided to deal with the Trisolaran civilization. When retaliating, he still consulted the advice of military advisor Mo Fan, but Mo Fan directly rejected his plan and then gave him a long-term plan to develop slowly.
/What Mo Fan said made sense, but Liu Qian was speechless. Therefore, in the end, he could only temporarily give up his revenge plan and prepare to build a space fleet step by step according to Mo Fan’s plan.
Returning to the Earth base, Liu Gan provided the energy armor technology of the fusiform small spacecraft to the technical personnel captured by the base, asking them to study the relevant technology inside as soon as possible.
Energy armor is a technology of high-level civilization. If divided by stages, the earth’s civilization is still only in the first stage of civilization, and it is still in the early stage of first stage civilization.
/Energy armor technology, at least, belongs to the third stage of civilization. It involves not only energy armor technology, but also a large number of basic technologies that need to be supplemented.
Energy armor technology requires the creation of a strong magnetic field or force field to bind high-energy particles together to form an isolation layer. The irregular motion of these high-energy particles causes temperatures as high as tens of millions of degrees, and has properties similar to non-Newtonian fluids. Characteristics, the greater the external pressure encountered, the stronger the rebound can be formed.
Now, controllable nuclear fusion uses not energy armor technology, but the magnetic field and force field technology required by energy armor technology. Magnetic field and force field technology are technologies that can be mastered in the middle stage of the first stage of civilization. Relatively speaking, Easier to be digested and mastered by human scientists on Earth.
Marine base.
“You must be curious about why you are here and who I am, right?” Liu Gan created a virtual projection for himself in front of the earth scientists.
These scientists shoulder the important task of developing science and technology for him. Sometimes, some special methods have to be used to make them

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