xploded into bloody flowers from the inside out, and even the screams could not be heard. As soon as it was released, it died all over the place.

xploded into bloody flowers from the inside out, and even the screams could not be heard. As soon as it was released, it died all over the place.
In the end, the rune whirlwind swept and enveloped a giant mechanical monster of the Holy Sword Corps. After a terrifying “click” sound, the giant mechanical monster “boom!” It exploded with a loud sound and formed a huge fireball. It knocked several mecha soldiers around it flying and knocked over another mechanical monster so much that it almost lost its balance and fell to the ground.
/After the smoke dissipated, the huge mechanical monster turned into a pile of burning wreckage and fell to the ground. It was obvious that it had been completely destroyed by the powerful power of the rune whirlwind.
“If you are still stubborn and don’t withdraw your troops and go back to your doghouse as soon as possible, you will encounter more severe punishment! How can the power of my divine realm be rivaled by you ants and rats? You are really overestimating your capabilities!” Rune Cyclone The image that turned into mint again was suspended in the air, and after saying a few harsh words, it gradually dissipated.
The incarnation of the Mysterious Eye was destroyed, which obviously severely damaged its spirit. The Zombie Clan’s army briefly lost control. Some of them stopped attacking the Galaxy’s energy armor and instead attacked the Holy Sword soldiers around them.
The Holy Sword soldiers, who were in extreme panic, quickly turned their guns towards the Corpse Tribe soldiers. The two sides fought in chaos for a while before the Mysterious Eye regained its normal consciousness, restrained the Corpse Tribe soldiers, and communicated with the Holy Sword Commander. After that, the two sides stopped attacking each other.
The battlefield was in chaos. It was obvious that Mint’s sudden attack had caught them off guard, causing heavy casualties to both the Corpse Tribe and the Holy Sword, and severely damaging their morale.
But after experiencing this turmoil, the Corpse Corps and the Holy Sword Corps obviously had no intention of retreating. Instead, they attacked the Galaxy’s energy armor even more frantically.
“You are so powerful, why are you taking action now?” Liu Qian was shocked and asked Mint through psychic communication.
“After launching such an attack, the energy armor of the Galaxy dropped by a full percentage point, leaving only a few percent. If I can’t scare them away after I attack a few more times, we will have no choice but to capture them without mercy.” Mint shared the relevant data of the Galaxy to Liu Qian.
“Then you’d better stop taking action, and you’re not allowed to take any unauthorized action without my order!” Liu Gan frowned. He now has to rely on the protection of the Galaxy’s energy armor so that he can survive these three days. In order to break through to the third stage of the brain as soon as possible, Mint acted without permission and wasted the Galaxy’s armor energy. It is very likely that the Galaxy was breached before he could adva

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