ppeared behind Lin Yun, holding a handle in his hand. The 150-meter-long Holy Light Cross Sword struck Lin Yun fiercely.

ppeared behind Lin Yun, holding a handle in his hand. The 150-meter-long Holy Light Cross Sword struck Lin Yun fiercely.
Lin Yun frowned and spit out a few rule runes. His body was instantly wrapped in a ball of darkness. Suddenly, the ball of darkness expanded rapidly, and the power of the Holy Light within a thousand meters of surrounding area was forcibly expelled, leaving the darkness silent. covers this range.
At this time, the Holy Light Cross Sword waved by the giant phantom also struck this dark space.
The black space was like a black balloon that was blown up, collapsing toward the center. Then a light in the center lit up and exploded with a bang. A cross of light exploded from the darkness, quickly dispelling the surrounding darkness, but Lin Yun But he no longer knew where he was going.
In mid-air, Delton had a cold face, and seemed a little surprised that Lin Yun disappeared.
“Damn heresy, the darkness must be dispelled by the Holy Light!”
Lin Yun floated in mid-air, a hundreds-meter-long magic electromagnetic gun appeared in front of him, and a compound regular fourth-series explosive bomb ejected from the electromagnetic gun. He rushed out of his mouth and instantly crossed a distance of two thousand meters and hit the Holy Light Shield in front of Delton.
Delton flapped his angel wings and blocked the four angel wings in front of him, forming a semi-arc light shield. But suddenly, a dark rule talisman appeared at the tip of this rapidly rotating four-series bomb. Wen, a bit of extremely pure dark power exploded here, immediately breaking through Delton’s light shield.
The dark four-series bomb specially prepared for Delton impacted on his angel wings. The terrifying power exploded and instantly enveloped the surrounding area for hundreds of meters. Under the influence of the dark rule runes, the pure destructive power caused everything to fall apart. Transformed into a destructive power filled with dark power.
A bit of bright light rushed out from the destructive power of darkness, with a large amount of black smoke rising from it.
The power of light and the power of darkness are the most obvious mutual restraints and the most obvious conflict. Light can purify darkness, and darkness can also corrode. Light, whoever has strong power will be powerful.
It was only a ninth-level spell, but the damage it caused to Delton was far more powerful than the strongest ninth-level elemental spell.
/Delton’s four angel wings are covered with traces of charred corrosion. The white angel wings seem to have a tendency to turn gray. Even the surface of Delton’s body is somewhat eroded by darkness. It looks like someone has poured strong acid on it. There was no difference in the fluid, it was very miserable.
But the moment Delton escaped from the destruction zone, the surface of his body lit up with the radiance of the holy light three times in a row. The corroded skin on the surface of the body and the contaminated angel wings on his back all returned to their original appearance.

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