enly flashed in his heart.

enly flashed in his heart.
“Immeasurable Life Buddha! The young monk drank this bowl of friendship so that we could become friends. ”
/“Not friends, but brothers. Yue Luosha grinned and glanced at Zhou Jijun, but saw the flash of emotion in his eyes, and couldn’t help laughing.
The big bowls collided, the wine splashed, and the four people raised their heads to drink up the wine.
Wiping their mouths, Yue Luosha He glanced at Zhou Jijun thoughtfully, and said sadly with a flash in his eyes, “Don’t forget each other even if you are rich or noble. If there is such a woman who is willing to accompany you when you have nothing, and even risk her own life for you, then if you don’t find her back and cherish her, I, Yue Rakshasa, will not agree. A good man should be a strong man, but he is also a strong man with love and justice. No better than me. ”
The last three words were so low that they could hardly be heard clearly.
Putting down the wine bowl, the boss seemed to notice the somewhat solemn atmosphere. His eyebrows flew up and he smiled and said, “There are still good men with love and righteousness in this world, and… You should know it.
“Oh, could it be you? ” I have always been curious, how did you get this pot of Mengchuan Brewing? Could it be that you betrayed some woman’s heart, but it was for this pot of wine? “Yue Luosha raised his brows, and his heart for gossip grew.
He sighed deeply, and the boss looked out the window at the white clouds flying by. The clouds rolled and relaxed. From time to time, an inexplicable emotion flowed in the wine shop.
“This pot of wine , is the last dream I have of Yunchuan. It was left by an old friend. He is the affectionate and righteous man I mentioned. In my entire life, he is the man I respect and admire the most.
“Should we know each other? ” Who are you talking about? “Zhou Jijun’s hazy eyes gradually faded away, and the woman in his heart gradually faded away. The man’s love is deep but not excessive. One day, he will find her. If she likes it, it doesn’t matter if he hunts for her the misty heavenly palace. ”
You must know him, because he told me about you through letters. Now it seems that he made the right bet. ”
“In the past there was a great general who wielded a sword and carried a beautiful lady. The rebel bandits were destroyed in the Southern Expedition, and hundreds of tribes retreated in the Northern Expedition. His reputation spread across seven states, and his imperial palace was granted the title of Imperial Pillar. He died for you, but in the end he was miserable. Do you know who he is? Surprise
flashed in his eyes, and Zhou Jijun’s heart moved slightly. He stared at the boss and said solemnly, “It turns out it’s him.” So, you know who I am now? ”
Shaking his head slightly, Ji Chuan smiled slightly, “No, I don’t know. The general didn’t tell me in detail. He only told me that he had a very potential quasi-ally coming to Beijing soon, and asked me to observe it secretly. Unexpectedly, in just one day, you destroyed the prestige o

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