ere almost exhausted, and in the end the Latu Fine Gold had to be used on a shadow assassin. It must have been that it was really running out of ammunition and food.

ere almost exhausted, and in the end the Latu Fine Gold had to be used on a shadow assassin. It must have been that it was really running out of ammunition and food.
Unfortunately, if the joint exploration team had entered the alchemy laboratory hundreds of years earlier, what they would have gained would have been at least a hundred times more than what they have gained now.
Of course, the premise is that you can survive the battle between the three alchemy puppets.
/After Lin Yun dismantled the Latu Fine Gold, the distribution of magic materials has also come to an end. Basically, every force joining the joint exploration team this time All have achieved satisfactory results, including even Suas and Forlan.
Of course, the biggest gain among them is still the gold-plated rose.
The advantage of the right of first choice is really too great.
In addition to the Latu fine gold and many rare magic materials that Lin Yun took away, the other regular magic materials allocated can almost Support the gilded rose for several years of wear and tear.
What’s more, Lin Yun had another idea in mind.
This time, all the major forces have taken so much magic materials, but there are probably not even three forces that are really capable of making full use of these magic materials.
Why not do a good deed yourself and talk to them about discounts?
Lin Yun indeed did this.
Half a month later, the joint exploration team returned to Thousand Sail City. What awaited them was a grand celebration that lasted for three days and three nights. This time, the joint exploration team could be said to be an unprecedented success. Vaughn’s alchemy experiment The harvest brought by the room far exceeded everyone’s imagination. For a moment, the entire Qianfan City was immersed in joy.
As soon as the celebration was over, Lin Yun began door-to-door negotiations.
However, to Lin Yun’s expectation, the negotiation process was surprisingly smooth. Almost every one of the eight major forces participating in the joint exploration team was willing to share the harvested magic. Take out the materials.
Among them are even the Alchemist Guild and the Monqi family.
You must know that the Alchemist Guild is the largest alchemist force in Thousand Sails City. Leaving aside the alien Lin Yun, the Alchemist Guild’s talents and technology are even better than those of Gilded Rose. Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible to sell this batch of magic materials.
There is also
the Double Moon Glory under the name of the Monchi Family. It is the alchemy shop second only to the Gilded Rose. Although it has been crushed by the Gilded Rose during this period, the daily consumption is still there. Right? Besides, the relationship between the Monchi family and the Shining Gold Chamber of Commerce is not very good. Even Roger Merlin’s shipwreck is inseparable from the Monchi family.
Because of this, Lin Yun didn’t even think about it at the beginning. Go and negotiate with them.
I just told my thoughts to several forces that I hav

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