The smell of engine oil can also be seen as there are many screws and nuts scattered on the ground.

The smell of engine oil can also be seen as there are many screws and nuts scattered on the ground.
“I didn’t find it!”
Luo Qiong shook his head at me and said. At this moment, a scream suddenly came from the third floor above our heads. Both Luo Qiong and I heard it very clearly. Our expressions changed. I held the Tushan knife and shouted: “There is a situation above, let’s go!” I
/quickly rushed up to the third floor. Building, stopping in the corridor, the third floor should be where the leaders of the old factory used to work. I don’t dare to show my head casually. If the monkey appears here, wouldn’t we just be like a sheep in a tiger’s mouth?
The probe looked both ways, but found no sign of Yuhou. Luo Qiong said behind me: “Brother Shan, the shout is coming from the left.”
I nodded, held the Tushan knife and walked to the left. When I walked to the door of the first room, I looked down and saw something on the ground in front of the door. There were actually some blood stains scattered around.
As I approached the door, I seemed to be able to hear noises inside. I didn’t dare to open the door directly and looked around. There were no windows. He lowered his head and said softly to Luo Qiong: “Xiao Luo, look behind me and be alert. I will open the door.”
He nodded with a solemn expression.
I held the Tushan knife tightly with one hand and pressed the door handle with the other hand. The door was not closed tightly. I pushed it open gently. It was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything. I increase the strength on my wrist. The door opened wider and wider. The things inside seemed to feel the noise and made strange noises.
“Fuck, I’ve been discovered!”
I thought to myself, and I had no choice but to push open the door. He rushed in, raised his Tushan knife and shouted loudly.
However, what I saw after rushing in was a scene I never expected. The person standing in the room was not Yuhou nor the monkey rescued by Yuhou. But a woman, a woman I know.
“Yanying! How could it be you!”
I asked in surprise.
At this time, Yanying was sitting on the ground in front of her, with a rope tied to her body and tied to an iron pole behind her. His hair was wild and his eyes were bloodshot but full of fear. There was a ball of cloth stuffed in his mouth, and when he saw me, he immediately screamed “wuwu” non-stop.
I walked over quickly and took off the cloth in her mouth. She immediately shouted in horror: “Take me out quickly, quickly!”
“What’s going on? Why are you here?”
I asked strangely. road.
“It was my monkey who tied me here. It seemed like a different person. It suddenly rushed into the circus tent at night and tied me here. It didn’t listen to my orders and even bit one to death in front of me. I don’t know. Where did the pig come from? Just when I screamed, it rushed up and blocked my mouth. Take me away quickly, my monkey has gone crazy!”
/I was surprised when I heard this! He said: “You mean, that monkey is still here just now?”
“Yes, you came just after it left, it”

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