up, and Zhou Jijun waved his sleeves. The next moment, two golden tablets appeared in his hand.

up, and Zhou Jijun waved his sleeves. The next moment, two golden tablets appeared in his hand.
“This is…” Li Ping’s eyes stagnated, he took a deep breath and looked at Zhou Jijun in disbelief, and asked with a trembling voice, “Is this the legendary position of the immortal god?”
“Li Shuai is very knowledgeable. ” Zhou Jijun chuckled, picked up one of the gods, and held it in the void, “This god is the throne of the God of the Eyes. By cultivating it, you can not only achieve immortality, but also have a strange magical power. It means that the third eye can be born in the forehead. If you practice it, you can only see the light day and night.”
Zhou Jijun’s extremely seductive voice reached Li Ping’s ears, and the middle-aged man in charge of the country’s army stared at him with a red face. Looking at the god floating in mid-air, his arms trembled slightly, but when he met Zhou Jijun’s gaze, a chill suddenly aroused in his mind, and his expression gradually cooled down.
“The throne of the Immortal God is an important treasure that everyone in the world wants to obtain. The young master carries two of them with him. Who is the young master? Why have you never told me?” Li Ping drifted past the divine throne with his peripheral vision, gritted his teeth, and was filled with excitement. The look on his face was complicated and hesitant, “Is the young master a member of the royal family?”
“Of course I am not.” A cold and stern light flashed in Zhou Jijun’s eyes, which made Li Ping’s heart tremble slightly, but it disappeared in an instant and returned to his usual warmth, ” It’s been three years. It’s time to tell the marshal who I am. ”
“My surname is Zhou, my name is Jijun, and my current name seems to be Lord Tengo.”
After he finished speaking, Li Ping’s eyes suddenly froze. He was half happy and half happy. Looking at Zhou Jijun worriedly, he said after a long time, “It turns out that you are the famous Mr. Jun. According to legend, he is a strong man who can rival the immortal gods. No wonder you have the position of an immortal god… What kind of price do you have to pay for Mr. Jun?” In exchange for this god’s throne?”
“Excellent.” Zhou Jijun smiled casually, and then looked towards the north through the window and said, “I am now assisting the prince Bailixiong of Northern Xinjiang. Although the prince is young, he is polite and virtuous. Incomparably, he has hundreds of thousands of Northern Xinjiang troops and more than a dozen immortals at his disposal, as well as the great sage of Yunzhou to advise him. From what you see, Baili Xiong should be the master
/. He wants me to go and be loyal to the King of Northern Xinjiang.” Li Ping’s voice gradually became colder. He glanced at Zhou Jijun lightly and said, “Loyal ministers have nothing to do with the two masters. The king entrusts me with the army and horses of the country. There are countless gold, silver and jewels, which is a huge favor. I will never betray him. ”
“Oh? Originally, I thought that if Marshal Li was willing to take char

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