d at the ancient dragon in the sky. The velvet transformed by the five elements Dharma Light began to cut the ancient dragon’s body.

d at the ancient dragon in the sky. The velvet transformed by the five elements Dharma Light began to cut the ancient dragon’s body.
“Ouch!” a long roar. The Ancient Agni Dragon raised its head and roared. Wherever the Five Elements Dharma Light passed, it was like a sharp magic weapon cutting through the Ancient Agni Dragon’s body. Blood sprayed down and burned in the sky.
Fires filled the sky, floating in the sky of the world. Like a rain of fire, it struggled to break free from such restraints, but the harder it struggled, the more seriously injured it became. Howling in pain, struggling desperately, more blood sprayed out with every twist of the body.
/“Dragon blood still represents the power of fire. The heavier the fire rain falls, it means that the ancient dragon’s life is coming to an end.” Yuan Feng said in a low voice. Agni can no longer maintain its human form. In this case, its only option is to transform into an ancient dragon and release all its power to break free from the constraints of the Five Elements.
“Ouch!” There was another angry roar. It was no use anymore. The ancient dragon of fire finally gave up his previous superficial thoughts. His body began to grow bigger. He stretched out the Five Elements Dharma Light forcefully, and slowly changed from human form to dragon form, madly Roaring and constantly transforming in the strong wind and rain of fire.
“Ah!” This was the last word Gu Long shouted in human form, and then his body instantly grew bigger. A giant dragon with a wingspan of more than thirty meters appeared in front of us.
Perhaps it is not the largest among the Western ancient dragons, but when this behemoth appears in front of us, we can still feel the pressure from the soul. Humans are indeed as insignificant as mice in its eyes.
/“Ouch!” It roared wildly and flapped its wings vigorously. The parts of its body that had been torn apart by the Five Elements Dharma Light began to recover quickly, and it raised its head and sprayed out thick dragon flames. Some strange lights appeared on the surface of the dragon scales, red and yellow in color. These red and yellow lights slowly extended along the surface of its skin. Eventually it wraps around its entire body.
“The blessing of the ancestors?” I whispered, “The glory from the ancient dragon clan, the protection of the ancestors. This is the trouble of the ancient dragon’s demon clan, there are always older generations coming out to protect the children.”
“Ouch” a loud sound The roar, a terrible roar, echoed between heaven and earth and shook the entire earth. The world seemed to be roaring and shaking at this moment. The Five Elements Dharma Light also shattered. The
broken Dharma Light fell from the sky like a smashed glazed tile. The rain of fire falling from the sky and the beautiful and mottled Dharma Light fragments complemented each other. Under the shadow of the giant dragon in the sky, the ancient dragon of fire had already appeared. Breaking free, roaring at us with hatred and rage.
At this moment, I sudden

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