ot on Daojun. There are nine flowers in total.

ot on Daojun. There are nine flowers in total.
It is a spiritual creature that suppresses the dojo for her.
Very precious.
This product can be regarded as an upgraded version of the Yaochi Golden Lotus Seed. In addition to the original medicinal effects of the Yaochi Golden Lotus Seed, it also has many mysterious and miraculous powers.
But make the most of it.
Qingxia Daojun Xuan even threw it into the Two Boundary Pond, where it turned into a colorful divine light and disappeared.
At the same time, Taojun Qingxia also slowly walked out of the dojo.
The Zhang Family Residence is Zhang Jian’s temporary residence.
This house is undoubtedly much smaller than the houses of the surrounding princes and princes. It can only be regarded as a small courtyard!
/But it also has five entrances and a small garden, which is quite cozy.
After Zhang Jian finished the magical exercise, he felt that his ancestors would give him something back today, so he went to bed early.
But in his sleep, he ‘felt’ a colorful golden lotus falling from the sky and floating on his hand.
Zhang Jian woke up naturally. When he raised his eyes, he could see the majestic “ancestor” lady beside the bed.
At the same time, he felt an obvious foreign body sensation in his hand. He raised his hand and immediately saw a small and magnificent colorful golden lotus.
There is a special aura in the colorful golden light, which seems to be able to cleanse the soul and make it full and mellow.
Immediately, another message came to his mind, and Zhang Jian suddenly knew the origin of the colorful golden lotus in front of him.
“Yaochi Golden Lotus?”
Yaochi Golden Lotus.
The divine object bred in Yaochi, the Holy Land of Heaven, is one of the most precious wood-attributed Tianfu spiritual objects in the world. It can be planted into the Cave Heaven Blessed Land to nourish the spiritual veins of the Cave Heaven Blessed Land, increase the aura, transform the grade, and have some ability to suppress Qi.
It can be said to be the most blessed holy object to bring luck!
It also has the power of being eaten. It inherits the magic of the Yaochi Golden Lotus. After eating it, it can increase the divine power and nourish the soul. There is a 30% chance of obtaining an innate magical power contained in the Yaochi Golden Lotus.
“30% chance!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes lit up.
This is a substantial increase compared to one thousandth of Yaochi Golden Lotus Seed.
An increase of three hundred times.
“The 30% chance should be promising!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes were filled with light.
As for the so-called greatest miracle of suppressing Dongtian Paradise, he simply ignored it.
He is just a small house, so there is no need to suppress him!
Even if you want to raise them, you have to wait until the Tao is established.
As for dedicating it to Tongshan Taoism, Zhang Jian felt that Tongshan Taoism was not of use at present.
/Of course, this was because he felt in his heart that Kiriyama Taoism didn’t like it and couldn’t use it!
Without hesit

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