g cannot appear in the news of your publication!”

g cannot appear in the news of your publication!”
In the eyes of some bad people, Here, the old and ugly Lian Shun is so famous. He was supposed to live his whole life in a kennel, but unexpectedly he encountered this kind of thing.
Dying on the battlefield can be regarded as fulfilling a soldier’s wish, but the anger in Lu Liang’s heart could not be suppressed.
The editor immediately said anxiously: “But~”
“Who said hello to you?” Lu Liang interrupted: “Why did those two reporters show up there in advance?”
“Please call them over, we need to confirm them Are you colluding with criminals?”
“Bang~” Lu Liang slammed the table with a ferocious expression, shouting: “Call someone!”
“Yes, yes!”
The bloody setting sun gradually disappeared in Tianji, located in Zhongguancun. The Fantasy Building at the end of the street became brightly lit.
A bearded man with a bald head was walking out of the gate.
“Before signing the contract tomorrow, please double check the production line situation marked by Huashi.”
The bearded man thought for a while and found that there was nothing missing, so he sent the bald man away and left quickly.
He is the protagonist of tomorrow’s signing ceremony, so everyone got off work early to recharge their batteries.
“The surname is Wei!”
The bearded man stopped and turned his head displeased.
Chen Ning walked over casually and looked at the bearded man with a smile.
Seeing that it was him, the bearded man raised his head inwardly, nodded politely, and said, “Hello, Mr. Chen.”
“I’m not good!” Chen Ning tilted her head and looked at him, who knew how much the shares in her hands would cost. It shrank significantly, and he was not in a good mood: “This afternoon, you have imagined so much power!”
The bearded man was unmoved and still asked calmly:
“Why did Mr. Chen call me?”
Chen Ning looked at him like that, and suddenly laughed.
“I have a question.” Chen Ning took two steps forward, got in front of the bearded man, and asked cheerfully: “Since the richest man’s warning is a joke, why did you lock him in?”
The bearded man remained silent.
“Or” the smile on Chen Ning’s face became heavier and heavier: “Are you afraid of him?”
Of course Fantasy is also afraid of Zhao Song. An administrative order can make ZTE hesitate, and the above sentence can also make Fantasy Group Can’t sign.
In the final analysis, it is still a question of more harm than good. Now it seems that the power represented by the richest man Zhao Song is not as important as fantasy to some people.
Therefore, he needs to stay in the dark room for two days to calm down.
A certain hospital in Xishan.
Mr. Wei looked at Comrade Wei Liang who came back alone and asked doubtfully:
“Where is your wife?”
/Wei Liang shrugged with a wry smile:
“I’m angry at home because of Zhao Song’s incident!”
“… …”
Mr. Wei paused, then sighed and said slowly:
/“Actually, if you coordinate, there is no way to get the best of both worl

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