bit, and forcibly separated her head from her body.

bit, and forcibly separated her head from her body.
“Kill her, break her control over us, and everything will be over. This is the so-called way to survive.” Liu Qian held Zhang Mengdi’s head and quietly waited for the changes around him.
“Brother Liu, things don’t seem to be like this.” Anna waited for a few minutes, but still couldn’t wake up from her dream, and her expression couldn’t help but become uncomfortable.
Anna had seen a lot of killings in the Thriller World, but just now she watched Liu Gan cut off Zhang Mengdi’s head from his body. This scene was still a little beyond her psychological endurance. When Zhang Mengdi was holding his head in Liu Gan’s hands, he couldn’t help but have the urge to retching.
“Master Liu,” Jiang Jinyuan looked a little uncomfortable when he saw this scene, but he still didn’t say anything after all.
“It seems that the way to survive is not like this.” Liu Qian held Zhang Mengdi’s bleeding head and waited quietly for a few minutes. He found that the dream did not end there, which made him feel a little strange.
/“Maybe all this has nothing to do with cute girls.” Jiang Jinyuan’s expression became even more uncomfortable.
Anna finally couldn’t help but vomited. She used to be a member of the Presbyterian Church in Xinshou Village Community. She had personally seen Liu Gan murdering several elders in the Presbyterian Council and knew that Liu Gan was a very cruel person. It wasn’t until the copy of Moon Bay Paradise that her impression of Liu Gan changed greatly, but she didn’t expect that Liu Gan would show his extremely cruel side in front of her just now.
Anna is even a little doubtful now. If Liu Qian has to kill her to escape alive, he will definitely kill her without hesitation, just like killing Zhang Mengdi, which is basically the same as killing a dog or a cat. Or a chicken makes no difference.
Human life is too fragile.
“You don’t have to look at me like this. Although I couldn’t find a way out of this dream by killing her, it doesn’t mean that she is innocent.” Liu Gan threw Zhang Mengdi’s head on the ground, clapped his hands and faced Jiang. Jin Yuan and Anna explained a few words, and he must have felt the strange look in their eyes when they looked at him.
/“I was wondering if our team has come to an end like this.” Anna sighed after vomiting. She now deeply suspects that Guo Tian is dead, and then Zhang Mengdi was also killed by Liu Gan. According to what was said on the big screen, Zhang Mengdi was killed here, and she should also be dead in the snow cave.
If Liu Gan still can’t find a way out, it’s not impossible to kill her and Jiang Jinyuan next.
When he comes to kill her, does she need to resist? Or did she need to kill him before he decided to attack her?
Ana shook her head subconsciously. She felt that even if she got to that step, she wouldn’t have the courage to attack him.
“Now I can only confirm that I have no problem. I dare not say whether you two have any problem. Anna came into this dream with me, and you came in quite in

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